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Your Best Year Ever


5 Reasons Why This Can Be Your Best Year Ever

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by M. Le'Mont

The worse day of my life was when I realized that I had
nobody to blame for the things that went wrong in my life,
but me.
  It was also the best day ever.  

I hope one day 
you get the same chance to know it’s all up to you.

Country Western singer Andy Griggs said, What if it’s me,
causing this heartache and pain and blaming everyone else for
the bad

What if it's me that needed to change?

 So look in the mirror and then write down three things that
 need to happen for it to be your best year

The Law of Diminishing Returns

The longer you put off a decision the law of diminishing
returns kicks in and greater is the chance that you will
never act.  

The best time to take action is when you're excited, and
your emotions are running high.

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; when the mind expands it never returns back to its original dimensions.

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Make it Your Best Year Ever

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