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You've Been Sued



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You've been Sued 
 5 Immediate Steps


by M. Le'Mon

I hope you noticed that I didn't use the word "If"  in the title. 
Nowadays, it's not a question of if you're going to get sued, it's a matter of when.

With an abundance of trial attorneys in the judicial system,
many have resorted to filing frivolous law suits against  
Small Business Owners, in hopes of a quick out of court
settlement of $3,000-5,000.

Once you receive the Complaint, you must pay close attention
to the deadlines.  In most States the Defendant (Your business)
has 30 days to file a Response with the court.

I would strongly suggest hiring an attorney to file your Response.

The cost ranges between $1,000-3,000 for an attorney to file
the Response, to be the Attorney on Record, and to Negotiate
a settlement.

                     Settle Out of Court

Your intent should be to settle the suit out of court.  Your attorney
will probably suggest that you fight in court, but after paying him
$30,000 you will be the loser, even if you won.  SETTLE!

I've seen too many times small business owners who let their ego
lead them in the wrong direction.  It's not about proving yourself
right it's about Damage Control, causing as little damage to your
business as possible.

            Default Judgment

If you fail to file the Response by the Deadline, a default judgment
will be rendered by the court.  And if your business is out of State,
most courts will be generous to the Plaintiff's attorney.  I've seen
courts award the Plaintiff  $10,000 and then award the predator
attorney $300,000 in attorney fees and interest.

Don't let this happen to you. File the Response.    Rules of Business

                     5 Immediate Steps

1. Once you receive the Complaint, pay close attention to the deadline
 for the Response to be filed.  Most states allow 10-30 days.

2.  Hire an Attorney to file the Response

3.  Do not attempt to settle the case before the Response is filed.

4.  Before court date have your attorney file an extension.

5.  During the extension period have your attorney begin negotiations.

              Counter Suit

If you feel the suit is  without merit and baseless then consider
filing a counter suit against the Plaintiff. 

The Plaintiff has to pay an attorney to file the  response and is
faced with same legal consequences as you to prove his case. 

Should the counter claim go trial the Plaintiff will be looking at more legal costs.  

To keep your legal costs down you should consider filing the counter suit
 "pro se"  without an attorney.   Cash Flow

A counter suit is an aggressively approach and it  becomes a thorn in the
Plaintiff's side and he should be willing to drop the frivolous suit against you.   

Here an excellent article to help you file a counter suit. 

                      Contingency Plan

There isn't much you can do to avoid frivolous lawsuits, but you can
be prepared by setting up a legal defense fund so the resources are 
always available.

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