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          How to Recognize A World Class Hero From
                 the School of False Leaders 

 by M. Le'Mont

Someone asked me, why did I write this article?  I replied,
"I didn't want people to be deceived."

I just want everyone to know the truth about the
games people play.  

Some people will think that this article is about them...vanity
gets them every time.

But it is really about everybody... and nobody.

My father told me early in life, just because something glitters doesn't
mean that it's gold.

Appearances are not what they appear to be.

Smoke screens and Mirrors is a better a way to describe it - An artful
act of deceit.

People are fooled, tricked, and deceived everyday.

I  knew a guy that bought a 10 year old 929 Porsche to
impress people because he couldn't afford a new one.

And since the body style was the same as a late model
Porsche everyone thought he was

Every time you saw him he was wearing a different suit,
but nobody 
knew he bought it from the local thrift store.

He impressed and attracted
a lot of people who viewed him as a success.

The fancy word for it these days is "Attraction Marketing"  finding like
minded people that are looking for the same thing.

The lure is always the same;  fake cars, fake stories, fake credentials,
fake money, fake houses, fake watches, fake suits, fake speeches,
fake books, and fake earnings reports;
all designed to portray
something that you're not.  

The motto for some folks, "fake it until you make it." 

Smoke Screens and Mirrors can blind you from seeing the "Truth."
A man with a suit and tie can steal more money than a man with a gun
any day...
Bernie Made Off with Billions.

He ripped off Friends, Associates,Talk Show Hosts, Bankers,
Celebrities, Charities
, Athletes, and the SEC.

The Heroes from the School of False Leaders will  take your heart
and soul if you let them.
  Nobody questioned the crooked E that stood
in front of the Enron Building in downtown Houston until after the fact.

The company sucked Wall Street and their loyal and dedicated
employees into believing a lie.

I mean,...I'm just saying.... it hurts. 

"Every 10 years or so, History repeats itself.  Don't let this happen to you."

What if you discovered that your network marketing leader, or
mentor didn't build his organization one rep at a time, instead he
cut a deal and came in at the top with a guaranteed pay while he
build and transferred his down-line from a previous
marketing company.

What would that do for your confidence or your success?

If you are in Network Marketing the quicker you can fire your
up-line, the better off you'll be.

In the meantime, don't get caught
up in the hype and be so easily impressed.  

Deal with the realty. 

Everybody's labor and journey is different.

Set your own goals, travel at your own pace, and make
every day count.

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M. Le'Mont is a writer, Internet Strategist and Network Marketing expert

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