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                                     Win Negotiate:  The Million Dollar Close
"Money never starts an idea; its the idea that starts the money."  

     M LeMont The Point of No Return -  "When You Fall In Love You Get A Broken Heart, And She Was Ready To Break Mine."  


by M. Le'Mont

In sales one of the most powerful negotiating tools
is the "What if Close". 

It is a very subtle  technique used without weakening your position.

It works something like this.   What if .........  I can do this for you,
would you be willing to do.... now I'm not saying that
  I can because
to my knowledge nothing like this has ever been done before, but if I
could, would you be willing to do business with me at this price?

By using this approach you  have closed the prospect without putting
yourself in an uncompromising position. 

It is a non committal approach that doesn't offend, nor pressure your
prospect.  It particularly works well when the what if sounds absurd or
impossible to deliver.

Nine years ago, an ordinary man walked up to the owner of a retail
store and ask, could he get a discount if he bought in volume?

The owner said, yes if the order was large enough.  

The customer said, "What if..... I could get my family, friends, and
my community to spend xx of amount dollars in your store every month,
now I'm not saying that I can, but if I could, would you be willing to give
us a big discount of % on every purchase?

Today, that idea turned into a large global consumer transaction business. 

Can you use the "What if Close"  in your next negotiation?

Practice, Practice, Practice


What if.... you could get paid when you transact business; and  
tell your friends, get paid as they transact business, and they
tell their friends, and you get paid, so forth and so on.

I mean...I'm just saying,  

What if it was possible, you would be interested right?

Now what if.... you could make  money on consumer
spending transactions around the world, and
  what if you could,
would that be worth your time and due diligence?

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