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Why you need TOC

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     Why You need a Table of Content Strategy

 by M LeMont

When I published my first book The Point of No Return, I did not have a Table Contents (TOC) nor a Table of Contents strategy. Like so many authors I didn't know the importance of having  one, nor how to create it.  

Then one day, I got an email from Amazon that said  I was missing a Table of Contents and went on to explain that, "A table of contents provides readers with both easy navigation and improved visibility into the contents of the book."  I now include one in every book I write.
Shoppers look at the 4 things before buying a book: cover, title, book description, table of contents. 

A lot of careful thought should be given to the headings and layout of your Table of Contents. 
Think of it as a sales letter or an ad in the newspaper. It's that important.  It gives readers a quick glance inside your book and helps them make an intelligent buying decision.  

Take a quick glance a the table of contents for How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers and you'll see what I mean.

Table of Contents

How To Gain 100,000 Followers

M LeMont


Beta Blurbs

Authors Note

Chatter Talk

Quick Observation

Why You Should Buy This Book

Fan Talk

What You Can Expect From This Book

Table of Contents

Chapter  1

The SIX Powerful Factors

Chapter 2

Setting the Stage

Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Why Follow People Who Don't Follow You?  Stop Making Stupid People Famous!

Chapter 5

Who's right and who's wrong?

Chapter 6

The Power of the Retweet

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

How to Create Tweet Amazing Headlines

Chapter 9

How to find followers

Chapter 10

How to Stop Followers from Unfollowing

Chapter 11

The Crown Jewel

Chapter 12

Strategies and Shortcuts

Chapter 13

Good Advice Doesn't Grow On Trees

Chapter 14

Timing is everything

Part Two

Pearls and Wisdom

Chapter 15

One Secret That Will Get You More Retweets

Chapter 16

How to gain more followers from the Notification page

Chapter 17

How To Find People With Similar Interests

Chapter 18

Stay the Course

Chapter 19

What you do with the book NOW is up to you

Chapter 20

Publishing The Great Paradigm Shift

Chapter 21


Chapter 22

Build It and They Will Come

Chapter 23

How to make your followers feel important

Chapter 24

Questions You Never Thought About Asking

Chapter 25

Time Is My Enemy

(We All have just 24 Hours)

Chapter 26

How to Write Headlines like a Tabloid

Chapter 27

Motivational Speech

Chapter 28

Nobody Believed It!

Chapter 29

How to Create Follow Back Lists

Chapter 30

Why "Trust Me" is Society's Most Dangerous Criminal

Chapter 31

Chicken Story- The Value of Knowing What You Got

Chapter 32

How deep is the rabbit hole?

Chapter 33

P.S. Two Questions

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