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Why You Need a Website


          A Pot of Gold:  Why You Need A Website

By M. Le' Mont

Hey thanks for dropping by.  

I'm pleased to meet you,
Mr. Business Owner. 

I'm writing this piece because you are my friend, and you don't 
have a presence on the Internet.  

And it’s affecting me, as well as you.  

You see, I'm missing my son's basketball game tonight, 
because this article had to be published. 

It’s about 2,000 words but if you stick with me, I promise you a 
Pot of Gold at the end, a secret how to turn unused assets into a 
mountain of profits that can exceed your core business. 

But first, I have to address why you need a website.

Did you know according to Webvisible/Nielsen Online

nearly 50% of Small Business Owners are not visible on the Internet?

Now that means when potential customers search 
for you on the Web they come up with nothing, so they give
their business to a competitor, who the search engines found.

It also means that you will continue to work hard without 
achieving any meaningful success if you don't establish a 
foothold on the Internet.

Search is The  Biggest Game in Town

With more than 15 billion searches daily, consumers are focused on 
finding information.

And you may not know this Mr. Business Owner, but I'm sure you do,
because you are also a consumer - 85% of consumers prefer search 
engines to find information, compared to 24%, who still use the Yellow
Page book, which is waning (Wow, do they still make those books?),
while 52% of consumers search the Yellow Pages online.  

The World As We Know It Has Changed

Now whether you know it or not, the world has 
gone digital- smart phones, iPads, and all sorts of 
wireless devices to make accessing the
Internet convenient.

And you Mr. Business Owner are stuck in the Analog Age
of cables, wires, and telephone poles.

We can't let that happen.  If America is going to prosper, 
Small Business Owners must lead the way.  

You are the fiber and backbone of the economy and  employ
the majority of the workforce.  Smart Merchants

The American people can't live without you, so please 
Mr. Business Owner, join us and make the change. 

Help us stimulate economic growth.  We need you!

Website Design Made Simple an Affordable

Mr. Business Owner because I know you can do so much 
more, I want you to consider using one of many pre-built
website companies
can get you started.  

I could mention a few but I don't want you think I'm
soliciting for them, so I refrain from making
any recommendations.  

Your website can be up and running  in 5 minutes and you can learn
how to build and operate it yourself.    

           How to build a website from scratch.


Learning something new will only delay you not kill you.
The secret to getting ahead is to get started; and the
secret to getting started is to break down a new venture
into tiny
pieces everyday.    

Now that I'm confident Mr. Business Owner, that you  
know how important it is to have an Internet Website, I won't 
have to miss anymore of my son's basketball games to 
write another article about why America Slipped Into a Depression.  


              Pot Of Gold- Hidden Assets

So let’s talk about another area of your business that you
turn into a 
Pot of Gold, the unused or hidden assets.

Since, I don’t know what your current business model
is I’m going to cite an example:

It was an email from Bob Serling that got my creative
thoughts flowing.

Everyone knows that Henry Ford create
the assembly line that allowed for the mass manufacturing
of automobiles.

And it was the assembly line that made

the Ford Motor Company so successful.

But what most people don't know is that one of the
byproducts of building so many cars was a lot of left
over wood chips and shavings, because much of the 
interior of cars was made from wood in those days. 
In fact, there was so much left over wood chips
that Ford had an entire building jammed with the 

So Henry Ford did a bit of research and came across
a process to flake, form and cake the left over wood
bits into charcoal briquettes.

Though he
intended this, Ford transformed an
into an accidental product - one that
was an


Ford and a partner started the Kingsford Charcoal 
Company to sell those briquettes and that company 
is still going strong today with sales of $350 million 

And they still dominate the
controlling more
than 80% of all charcoal

Every business has unused or hidden assets, you just have to
keep looking until you find them.

I took a close look at my billing company to see
what I
could find.   

This was a service oriented business and we were a third
party biller to insurance companies and to our
clients’s customers.


                So where were the hidden assets?    

The process took over a month then one day it hit me.  Eureka!  

I was sitting on a new shopping program from Europe
that I believed would change the face of commerce
here in the U.S.     

I had written several articles on it, They Just Don’t Get-It’s Legacy Money.    

The hidden asset was the "customers", who originated
from a third party
we had only a brief one time contact, 
when they paid their

Here’s what we did.  Like a retailer who had merchandise
90 days old, it was time to have a promotional sale.

We offered customers  a 10% discount on their current bill,
if they would take a look at a video of a cash
back program,
which was free if they wanted to join; and
they could get similar
discounts at other loyalty participating merchants.  

We knew that the chances were good if they watch the video
that some would join and build a shopping network,
others would join to be shoppers and get the
cash backs and
loyalty benefits.    

Either way, we could create a 2nd income stream that could exceed our core business and make money on every shopping transaction
that was in our shopping network.  

The loyalty company had a proven 10 year record with over 2.5 million members and operates in 42 countries and just rolling the program out in the U.S.

The more this idea took shape the more irresistible it became.

Everybody shops whether they like or not:  gas, clothes, food,
movie tickets,

I took a hidden asset, “customers” who we would never
see again and turned into a Pot of Gold.   Some o
them will make an awful lot 
of money and one day,
tell their story how they found out about the program;
because a
billing company gave them a discount on a bill
 to watch a video.  A win win situation.

Do you have hidden or unused assets that you can turn into a Pot of Gold?

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