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Two Reasons Why You Need A Website 

"I'm often reminded that every blog you write is like an event in
       your theme park (website) and your books are the main attraction."

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 By M. Le' Mont

Hey thanks for dropping by.  

I'm pleased to meet you, Mr. Business

Whether you are an author or internet business owner, I want to talk candid with you for a moment. 

I'm writing this piece because you are my friend, and you don't 
have a presence on the Internet.  And it’s affecting me, as well as you.  

Yeah, you heard it right---you're affecting me, also.  I'm missing my son's basketball game tonight, because this article had to be published. 

If you are an author, I'm going to stop for a moment and give you two good reasons why you should have a website and blog about something to showcase your writing style.  I read two reviews on Amazon before I purchased The Stranger by Chris Martin.   

said she found Chris Martin through Wordpress and after following his blog, she  wanted to give one of his books a try and that she  liked  that Chris wrote a blog post about how he wants to write thrillers/mysteries that are "clean".

JLJ said that he caught the drift of Chris on Wordpress, was impressed with his blogs and bought the Stranger."  

Now isn't that ironic that both customers found the author on his website and loved the blog he wrote.  It would make selling books so much easier if all readers would say how they found an author's book.

Well, if Chris Martin didn't have a website and didn't blog giving them the opportunity to  check out his writing style he would have missed these two book sales.  How many other readers purchased books the same way?   

I'm often reminded that every blog you write is like an event in your theme park (website) and your books are the main attraction.       


According to Webvisible/Nielsen Online Survey, 
nearly 50% of Small Business Owners are not visible on the Internet.

That means if you don't have a website, when potential customers search for you on the Web they come up with nothing, so they give their business to a competitor, whom the search engines found.

It also means that you will continue to work hard without achieving any meaningful success if you don't establish foothold on the Internet.

Search is The  Biggest Game in Town

With more than 15 billion searches daily, consumers focus on 
finding information.

And you may not know this Mr. Business Owner, but I'm sure you do;
because you are also a consumer - 85% of consumers prefer search 
engines to find information;  Compared to 24%, who still use the Yellow 
Page book, which is waning. (Wow, do they still make those books?).

Yet another 52% of consumers search the Yellow Pages online.  

The World As We Know It Has Changed

Now whether you know it or not, the world has gone digital- smart phones, Tablets, and all sorts of wireless devices to make accessing the
Internet convenient.

Mr. Business Owner you're stuck in the Analog Age of cables, wires, and telephone poles without a website.

We can't let that happen.  If America is going to prosper, Small Business Owners must lead the way.  

You're the fiber and backbone of the economy and  employ the majority of the workforce.    

The American people can't live without you, please Mr. Business Owner- join us and make the change. 

Help us stimulate economic growth.  We need you!

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              How to build a website from scratch

Although there is always a reluctance when learning something new, it will only delay you not
kill you.

The secret to getting ahead is to get started and the secret to getting started is to break down a new venture into tiny pieces every day.    

Now that I'm confident Mr. Business Owner that you  know how important it is to have an Internet Website, I won't have to miss anymore of my son's basketball games to write another article about why America Slipped Into a Depression.  


Oh, one last thing, consider how much it would cost me to run this full page ad in the newspaper, magazine, or trade publication.  

It costs $40,000 to run a full-page ad in the Sunday New York Times that will be outdated in 24 hours.  Compare that to a full page ad on a website that is never outdated and resonates forever. See Advertisement 

M. Le'Mont is a author, network marketer, and IBO of 14 websites

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