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The Laboratory of Dreams For Creative People

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by M LeMont

Over the past year, I kept hearing the name FIVERR, but I never took the time to find out what it was about.  Then one day, a highly influential person told me that he ordered a business logo from 3 different designers through FIVERR for $5.00 each, and they were professionally done.  He insisted that I look into FIVERR as a buyer and seller. 

So what is FIVERR?  Well, first let me tell you what it's not. It's not like EBAY and it's not like AMAZON.  I bet if you asked 1,000 people what FIVERR was, you would get 1,000 different answers.  So, I'm going to break it down from two different perspectives--buyers and sellers. 

Stick with me now, because I may exceed my 2 minutes 2 seconds reading rule but it will be well worth your time. 


From a buyer's perspective, FIVERR is where you go to buy products and services on the cheap from independent business owners who are trying to make a name for themselves. 

Independent Business Owners are willing to sell their services for $5.00.  It's the same approach that authors use when they give books away for free--hoping to reach a larger audience, get more fans, and customer reviews.

FIVERR give Independent Business Owners (IBO's) the same opportunity by offering their products and services for $5.00 through a virtual marketplace.  And just like McDonalds when they ask, would you like to supersize your order, IBO's have extra gigs that can be added-on, to increase their profit.


For creative people who know how to use FIVERR, it's a laboratory of dreams where you can purchase virtually everything for any project.    I've purchased products and services for podcasts, book covers, YouTube videos, story narrators, and advanced Excel templates for spreadsheets. 


I'm excited about the FIVERR concept.  So I joined as a buyer and seller. I've created two Gigs that I'm  offering for the measly price of $5.00 each.  Why?  To promote and monetize my business, what else would I be doing, for such
an INSANE price as $5?  And you would be CRAZY not to take advantage of it.

FIVERR Gig #1  I will Retweet your book to my 132,000 Twitter Followers, every day for 30 days, for an INSANE price of $5.00. That's 0.16 cents a day.  The price even drops to 0.05 cents per day if you supersize and buy the extra gigs for 180 days and 365 days.  

I'm averaging over 10,000 new followers a month, and that's added to my current 132,000 who will see your book and many users will retweet it to their followers.

FIVERR Gig #2   Now you can get listed on one of The Retweet Train follow lists for the low price of $5 for a 1-year subscription. It's an excellent way to gain new followers PASSIVELY.  If you SUPERSIZE and buy extra gigs, you can get listed on all 30 follow lists.

Whatever your dream, you can make it come true on FIVERR

If you have a special talent or skill--now is the time to launch that idea and become an Independent Business Owner. Or use your creativity as a buyer, and use Fiverr as your own personal laboratory of dreams.

To sign up as a buyer or seller is free. 

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