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"Please tell me how you handle direct messages? I don't want to ignore these people because they're trying to make a living like me."

Oh, that's nice that's really nice, they're trying to make a living like you? Well, I wouldn't subscribe to that sort of thinking if I were you because most of the people who solicit via direct messages are doing it wrong. They violate basic sales principles: SY+CD+SN+BV=Sales.

I've seen some terrible selling methods that   would make a good chapter in a How-Not-To-Sell book. Most of the messages are sent via auto-responders and by clicking on a DM link, you also run risk of getting hacked. It's hackers paradise so be careful.

I normally scan through my direct messages for questions about Twitter. I don't fall into the trap of discussing personal things because what you say can become public and taken out of context.

Overall, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. The DM feature is good for the intended purpose: private conversations, meetings, training, and consultations. And Twitter just made it better, expanding the length of the message from 140 characters to 10,000.  Thank goodness the solicitors haven't found out about it yet!   

Anyway, here's the bottom line.

       Time is a precious commodity  

You can spend money and replace it, but time is something you can't replace. So don't waste time answering or trying to sell with direct messages.

Take the direct message feature for what it's worth, a bad example how not to market your product. 

Basic sales formula: SY (sell yourself)+CD (create desire)+SN (show a need)+BV (build value)=Sales. There are no shortcuts.

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Now onward bound, you're destined to be great one day.
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