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by M. Le'Mont

Look for people who Favorite, Reply, Mention, Retweet. 95% will Follow U Back.  Now compare that to measly 25% that causes you to hit the Twitter Follow limits.  

If you operate from the @NAVAGATION PAGE page you can find the right people who will get the word out about your book or product.  It's not how many FOLLOWERS, but who you Follow that makes the difference.  And those are the people who Retweet.

That's why I get an attitude,  when I get tweets sent to my @NAVIGATION Page via the REPLY field.   I usually send back a polite message like:  

Oh, No,  You got the wrong place! Send Tweets to the main feeder and not to my @Navigation page this is my Command Center.

 Here's why.

        95% FOLLOW-BACK

The treasure is in the people who Retweet, Favorite, Mention, and Reply.    For some reason, which I haven't quite figured out yet, this group don't care about Following you-- they're more concern about the activity they're carrying out, but 95% will Follow You Back if you Follow them first.      

This is how you can avoid the Twitter Limit; only Follow people that engage with you in some fashion.  Stop blindly following people without them showing interest .  You want people who Retweet not  people  with a lot of dead Followers.

Wait and let them come to you.  These are the people that have taken "Action" and went out their way to  Retweet, Favorite, Reply, and Mention, or Follow you.  But you can only find them on your @Navigation page. 

Now once again, and I hate repeating it---but you can only find these people on  the


Some people buy FOLLOWERS by the hundreds or thousands, other people use automatic programs to get FOLLOWERS.    

Now if you're going to find people with the same interest, you must  start at your at the @NOTIFICATION page.  It's just the opposite of what most people have open on their Twitter screens.

On the @NOTIFICATION page you can see everyone who's taken action: Mention, Retweet, Replied, Favorite, Followers.   These are the people you want on your RETWEET team.  

Now here's the flip side--if everyone used the @Navigation page there would be nobody to view the Main Twitter feed.  

And there lies the winning edge--everyone will not operate from the navigation page so it gives you a huge advantage.  I spend 99.9% of my time on the @navigation page and Retweet people who rewteet for me.  I get a better Followback ratio and it saves a lot of time. 


Okay let's recap.  

1.  Click
and open the @NOTIFICATION page- make it your new best friend; it's the Twitter command center; spend most of your time and navigate from there.  

2.  T
his page is where you find your FOLLOWERS-- let them come to you. FOLLOW everyone that lands ON the page: MENTION, RETWEET, FOLLOW, REPLY, FAVORITE.    

 3.  Stop blindly following people unless they land on @NOTIFICATION page and in the long-run, you will win the war on Twitter.  

Remember-  1,000 loyal and dedicated FOLLOWERS are worth more
than a 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS that don't Retweet.

M LeMont  is a writer, author, and owner of 14 websites.  

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