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Viral Marketing

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    How to use Viral Marketing
     To Sell More Books

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by M LeMont

If you want
success on Social Media, then you must think viralYou must create ideas that can move your book upstream with rapid speed and velocity.

Where most people error is that they try to sell their books to uninterested prospects instead of creating marketing ideas for customers to market their books to people they know.  

Imagine a single push of a button and customers reaching thousands of friends; spreading the word how remarkable your book is.

But building momentum is not easy. It's like priming a pump to get water to flow or a stream that flows into a pond, and then into a river, and then into a mighty ocean and thunderous sea.

Nobody knows what the right elements that make something to go viral, but if you play around enough with fire you're going to get burn. And if you play around with viral marketing long enough something will go viral. 


On social media you need the main element "More"

You need MORE, a lot More of everything. Create a disturbance--
a tropical storm that needs More elements to develop into a hurricane; wind, 
temperature, velocity, ease of flow and
"The Butterfly Effect;" the unknowns that make it EXPLOSIVE!

Viral Marketing on Social Media 

More Activity More Exposure More Uniqueness More Smoothness More Convenience More Products More Mass Appeal More Pricing More Conversations More Positive Results More Annoyance More Ideas More Tweets More Retweets More Engagements More Unique Headlines More Retweets More Remarkable Blogs More Traffic More Clicks More Recorded Data More Followers More Eyes More Ears More Retweets More Followers More Unfollowers More Follow Backs More Follow Lists More Fans More Remarkable Customer Experiences More Relationships More Google Searches More Devices More Outsource More Automation More CrowdFire More Hootsuite More Bufferapp More Manageflitter More Fiverr More Time More Reviews More Testimonials More Relationships More Unknowns More Sales.

Now who's going to market their books like that?  It's the person who knows doing it any other way is a loser's game. You've been there--you've been down that road before and there's nothing there, but heartache and pain. You've been running with the herd and sold a few books here and there, and you know it's not the way to success.

Viral Marketing is a rebel's way out. Dare to be different. Dare to be great!

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           by M LeMont

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