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Vince Lombardi


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           What I Learned from
          Vince Lombardi Over Dinner


M LeMont The Point Of No Return   "The marriage didn't have to end this way."  What would you do if you caught your spouse cheating on you?

By M. Le'Mont

Vince loved to watch game films to prepare his team.  

I'm sure if Vince was around he would be watching this
2 minute opportunity VIDEO that has real WINNING potential.

It was a year ago last month, I was having dinner in
a private room at an exclusive restaurant and reading 
Vince Lombardi's biography.

 I became so engrossed that I put myself in the place
and time of the events the author was writing about.

In this case it was a game between Green Bay and
Chicago Bears,
on a cold and winter day at Soldier's field. 

After the win, a sports  reporter asked Vince Lombardi,
what was the one thing that made his team so successful.

Everyone huddled around, as Vince was very deliberate
in giving the answer.

He said, "Well gentleman, I can't name just one thing, because it was  really a 1,000 little things that Green Bay did better than the other teams
that made us the best."

He paused for a moment and continued, "While the rest of  the teams focused on the same one or two things, we tried to master the 1,000 little
things that seemed inconsequential
to everyone else. 
And the more of the 1,000 little things we did better than the next team  gave us a huge advantage."

That one statement over dinner changed how I operated my Internet Business forever.

I realized that I paid no attention to the small things that were just as important as the so called big things, like SEO and Social Media.

What about the small things like adding the "Follow me on Twitter Button" on every page of your website or encouraging your readers to hit the Retweet Button.

Or researching keywords before you write an article to determine the headline and include those keywords in the body of the article and meta tags, and title. 

How about the little things like Following everyone on Twitter that Fav, Reply, Mention and then Follow the Followers of the most influential person who retweets your tweets.  You get 95% Follow Backs with this strategy.

After all, what good  is writing a remarkable article if nobody knows it exists.

So I identified the 1,000 little things to master in the coming year.

 And the more of these 1,000 little things that you do better than your opponent the more successful you will be.

 And who exactly is your opponent.?

Everyone that has a website or blog, who is competing
for the same
customer, that is your opponent. 

"Remember if you follow the majority
you will get the same results.

Dare to be different...Dare to be Great!

                          A List of 1,000 Little Things to Master 
               in no particular order of importance

- How to use  The Power of the Retweet Button   Retweet

- How to write Incredible Content. Copyblogger

-Develop an on-line Mastermind Group.  ICE

- 15 billion searches are done everyday. Find out the phrases and write relevant content.

-Write High Quality Content based on the search words of users and get a high ranking with search engines.  Internet Secrets

- Use analytical tools to monitor and track results.  Twittertcounter.com

-Publish remarkable content with "free" solutions to your visitors problems.

- Publish an incredible high volume of quality content, at least 4 articles a week targeting a specific audience or group.  A  good quality article should produce about 500 monthly page views with average reading time of 2*4 minutes.  

Get in Sync with Search Engines- Keyword Research is the key   Free Download

- High  volume articles with SEO and keyword phrases in title, meta tags, description, body of content, and domain name.

- Web traffic increases:  for every 30 articles 15,000 monthly page views are generated;  unique visitors traffic increases to 180,000 by the end of the first year.

-  SEO becomes main driver of traffic because  of High Content and effective Keyword Research.  Keyword SEO

-Quality content creates authority links from outside websites and contributes to page ranking and continues to drive traffic.

-Follow Me Twitter Buttons on every content page to promote headlines on Social media drive traffic back to web site.

- Share with friend buttons on every content page.

-Use a 24 hour hotline number pre-recorded message to promote and brand website and content.

- Engage readers with comment section and social media discussion.

-Promote Content Headlines on social media sites and drive traffic back to main hub. (website)   Killer Headlines

- Offer a mass amount of free information, solutions courses, e-books, how to videos, and courses.

Website Traffic Doubles, Triples, and Quadtrupals

-Page views increase steadily with each new article.

-Average time of site per visitor increases to 4 minutes or more.

-Use  Tweet Adder  robotic software to build your Twitter community to 100,000.  

-Use Tweet Adder to send automatic headlines about articles with links back to your central hub (website)  See related articles

- SEO traffic is primary traffic and Social Media becomes secondary source.

- Brand yourself or website with videos. See related articles

- Build a relationship of trust   

-Make 90% of products and services you offer "free."

- Find affiliate products or services that relate to your articles.

-Visitors will reciprocate with purchases through affiliate links.  See related articles

- On-line income increases to $2,000 a month in a year.
 You must first build an online community. It takes 1-2 years to
build so be patient.

-  Use Tweet Adder an automatic robotic software to aid in the process.

-  As the community is being built  engage in conversations with
members in your community.

-  Build long-lasting relationships.

- Use Tweet Adder to broadcast Tweets and headlines every hour
with links to landing pages of your website of blog.

- Landing pages should pertain to the tweet or headline.  

-  Always lead with value added services and seek to satisfy your
community with free services and solutions.

- Brand yourself and business through great content and videos.   

-  Your community will grow to trust the brand.

-  Members will reciprocate by purchasing products or services you
offer to help support your goal of offering free value added information
and solutions.

- Always offer 90% of products, services, and solutions free.

- Learn how to leverage SEO to drive traffic to your site.  Your online
community will be the secondary source of  traffic. 

-  Display Follow me on Twitter button on every page of your site or blog.

-  Search for affiliate links that can monetize your site and add value.  

- Only 10%  products or services should ever be offered for sale.

- Develop an email community

-Master the art of  followers to use Retweet Button

-Change the metrics  on how to get  followers on Twitter

- Remember you don't own any of the Social Media Sites
and they can suspend or cancel your account anytime,
so build your own website as the primary source of traffic

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