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Thinkers Rule


    M LeMont The Point Of No Return - I violated my own mantra. "Never love somebody more than they love you." 

                 Thinkers rule the world... 

By M. Le'Mont 

Without any doubt, thinkers rule the world.

Although we all have a brain and we all think,
all thinkers don't think the same.

That's quite evident with the 99% group that occupied  
Wall Street, which protested against the greed of the 1%.

Basically, there exist three types of thinkers in the world.

The good thing is everybody thinks and plays a major role 
to make the global economic system

A famous poet once said the Public is merely, a multiplied "me."  

                Which Are You?

1.  People that think to invent things.
2.  People that think to profit from the things that are invented.
3.  People that think about consuming and using the things invented.

  • The people that invent things make up 1% of all thinkers; and the people that profit from the things that are invented 2%; and the remaining 97% are consumers.

Stick with me now because at the end of this article,
I'm going to show how
 the smart thinkers 2% are about to
make another gigantic l
eap and make a ton of money 
with something that's already invented.    

However, first I want to give a few brief examples how
the process works.

  • Thomas Edison invented electricity to take us out of the dark, and smart thinkers found ways to profit from his invention.
  • Henry Ford made the car to drive on the road, but it would be nothing without  smart thinkers finding ways to profit from the invention.
  • Man made boats to float on the water, but it would be nothing if smart thinkers didn't find a way to profit from the invention.
  • Apple made the iPad that connect us to the world, but it would be nothing without smart thinkers  finding ways to profit from the invention.    

The Launch of Another Game Changing Idea

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