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They just don't get it


                      They Just Don't Get It...
            "I have enough money to last for the rest of
               my life if I don't buy something."  

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by M. Le'Mont


This article was inspired by the above tweet.

We all have enough money to last the rest of our lives

if we don't spend it.  

Yea, right.... "if" you don't spend it!

No matter how much money you make, somehow
you always find a way to spend it.

Have you ever thought how much the average
person spends in their lifetime?

After posing that question to Google search engines,
here's the best guess estimate. 

If you multiply the average salary by the average
of years a typical person works, and since
most people die with
only a tiny fraction of what they
earned you get a sum of 2.25 million
or 136.00 a day.

That means the average person in their lifetime
is a Millionaire and Broke!  

So in reality, it's not how much you make, but
much you spend that makes the difference.  

Now if that statement is true, you should
focus on making money on 
every dollar you
spend instead of how much you earn.

I know that sounds crazy, but can you imagine the
magnitude of creating something like that?

You spend money everyday on ordinary expenses,
such as
food, gas, clothes, medicine, movies, coffee,
cars, hotels, and other things that you want.

Perpetual Spending...

The National Debt: $16,808,240,386,273
- April 2013

America is in a spending crisis because we
are spending more 
money than we make.

Unless you are living in a cave, spending will
continue until you die,
it's a perpetual
motion that won't stop.

But now through a revolutionary program
that's sweeping the country, you can start making
money with every purchase
and create an income 
the future from the money you spend today.

Trading expenses for income.

What an ingenious idea. Watch 2 min Sizzle Video.       

The more you understand the concept the 
more powerful it becomes.  
Smart Ideas for Smart People

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