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The Aftermath


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                      The Aftermath


Should you use a plot summary at the end of your book?  If so, it should not be too long or excessively wordy.  I wrote this short story to illustrate how a plot summary can add to the reader's experience.

by M LeMont

I began toying with the idea of writing a fictional version of  The Point Of No Return two months after I released it. I said the asshole who enchanted my wife got off too easily. I titled the spin-off, Caught Up What's Done In The Dark Comes To Light.

I twisted and stretched the truth and made the story so real that it would make you think twice about cheating on your spouse.  

But I didn't realize just how real it had become. My friends began calling, one by one. 
 Uh, did  you actually kill that guy?   What happened to his body?  

I made the scene so real that their fictive minds took them far away from reality.  And one day, the cops came calling.  

So let me tell you what happened...
here's the really short version.

Cua'l es tu nombre? What's your name? "Why?" So I can write your name in blood across your forehead.  

It was time; it was long over due. I said, "If you want her then meet me in third ward in an hour. Come alone." 

He said, "I'll be glad to."

We met at an old abandoned football stadium...overgrown weeds; the dumping ground for garbage and dead bodies.  

It was a cold dreary night and the wind began to howl. There he was standing there in the shadows at midfield.    

He was wearing a full-length leather coat. I'm sure he was packing. But it didn't matter because I had bad intentions.   

Looking at the white of his eyes, I asked, "Are you screwing my wife?" 

"Yea, what about it?" 

Now, that was the wrong answer!  

Now I'm sitting here trying to explain....
Officer I didn't kill him! I could have...but I didn't. You're letting your imagination run wild.  

"Your honor! Your honor! My client is an exceptional storyteller. Please, may the court have mercy. The villain had to die, so he killed him in his book!"

The judge said, "I saw the homicide photos, brutal murder, and your own mother testified against you.  I sentence you to double life in prison with no parole."  

The Final Judgment

 "Who's next?" a loud thunderous Voice uttered.

 "The author," Peter announced. 

God proclaimed, "Step Forward.
What do you have to say for yourself."

I lowered my head and  said, "God, I  did some good things; I paid my taxes and helped the poor whenever I could.
 I also did a few bad things, like watch too much ESPN sports. But I didn't kill anybody."

God declared, "You played your role well, my good and faithful servant. Plus, thou wrote an excellent book--they believed the story.
 Now come...wipe away your tears, and sit with me in Heaven. You've done your time in HELL!"     

= =

Now should you write and Aftermath for your book?  It can heighten the reader's experience or serve as a teaser chapter for prospective buyers.

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Caught Up What's Done in The Dark Comes to Light    by @LomondFilms   
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