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The Ultimate Referral Program


The Ultimate Referral Program 
How To Get Hundreds of Customers  

The debut book M LeMont The Point Of No Return 
 I violated my own mantra. "Never love somebody more than they love you." http://bit.ly/1fEPcRK 

Just released VIEWITNOW Loyalty program

By M. Le'Mont

Why is there a recycle bin in every Post Office?

Business owners who have a P.O. Box are tossing direct
mail pieces into the recycle bin, without conscious thought  
that consumers are doing the same thing to the direct
mailings they send out.

The Post Office recognized it was an opportunity to make money
while millions of dollars are loss from unopened direct mail
which end up in the trash can.   

There are medium-size businesses such as car dealerships
that spend over $100,000 a month on commercials and billboards 
while  smaller merchants like swimming pool builders, quick
change oil shops, and carpeting cleaning companies, spend
money on a Yellow
 Page ad trying to compete.  

Once a year merchants get a call from the Yellow Page representative
who reminds them if they don't renew, traffic will decrease, 
and they will lose

So guess what happens?   They renew.

Then there are other merchants that spend 50% of retail price  
on deal-of-the-day websites. 

The harsh reality is small-medium size business owners  
are paying too much for too few paying customers.  

Traditional methods of advertising is unpredictable and
can eat a hole in your bottom line.   

                                 The Ultimate Referral Program

What if you could pay when sales were consummated, how much
would you pay for a Loyalty program  that drives traffic
without any upfront costs?  VIEWITNOW

You could reduce your advertising expenses and
increase your bottom line.

Now consider these four questions.

  • How much are you spending on monthly advertising? 

  • How much is a single customer worth to your business?

  • How many customers do you need to break-even?

  • How can you make money when customers leave your 
      store and shop someplace else?   

How Is This Possible, You Say?


  • What if another company, paid customers to do business with you, and they also paid the customers to refer friends;
  • And paid their friends to refer friends.  

  • And what if you could also earn referral fees when your existing customers shop someplace else within the loyalty system:  buying groceries, dining out, buying gas, car repaired, hair salon, pharmacy, 

  • Make money on customers when they shop worldwide through the Loyalty program.

Do you think your business would flourish from such a program?

                                                     Keeping It A Secret 

Now if this referral program worked just like I'm telling you,
do you think you or your customers would keep it
 a secret?   

Of course not, it's human nature to tell someone, so you probably
would tell everybody you knew, r

When you tell your vendors and suppliers and customers refer friends, 
you receive cash back and get referral fees when they transact business with other business owners participating in the Loyalty program and so forth and so 

                                   Explosive Potential   

Eventually, the referral program spreads from one person to 
the next, from one business to the next, from one city to the next,
and from one country to the next, with revenue potentially exceeding 
your core

So how much would you be willing to pay for a referral program 
like this, if it didn't cost you anything until you ring the cash register

What if it only cost a tiny fraction of what you're already spending
; and it didn't cost anything if a sale wasn't consummated; 

Do you think you could drive more business and turn your existing customers into cash assets? 


You pay for performance only.  Simple and effective.

If you would like to know more VIEWITNOW or fill out the form
below to request more information.  

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