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Subject: How to get more customers in 2013
From: Dave Navarro <dave@davenavarro.com>

Date: Sat, Dec 29, 2012 1:30 pm
To: Bob@mistersalesman.com

Getting more customers than you have now isn't as hard as you think it might be. Sometimes the solution you need ends up being pretty simple. 

For example, way back in my college days, I used to know a guy named Fred. 

He was about 70 years old and a millionaire many times over. 

Apparently, companies hired him as a "turnaround guy" - basically, the guy you call in when you're bleeding money hand over fist and you need to turn it around in a hurry. 

One company he worked for sold some kind of men's hair care product, and sales were way down. They had a solid customer base, but they just weren't buying enough. 

The first thing he did is change the instructions on the backs of the bottles from "Lather and rinse" to "Lather, rinse and repeat." 

Not surprisingly, sales went up as more product was used. 

All from changing a few words. But they were the RIGHT words. 

(Apparently, the company had been meaning to have those words there the first time, but they didn't, and had spent years saying "We'll get to that later.") 

Now, Fred did a lot of things for the companies who hired him, but the things he did were always fixing existing problems, not going off in new directions. 

If you want more customers in 2013, you should consider thinking more like Fred. 

It can make you a lot of money, without having to double your workload. (In fact, fixing the weak points in your business usually saves you time.) 

If you're running any kind of business online, you probably have some things that you've been "meaning to get to" that are losing you a lot of customers that could be paying you right now. 

I really don't want to see that happen to you again in 2013. 

Naomi and I have put together a 3-pack of classes called "Let's Fix Your Business" that will help you identify your weak points and fix them. 

Once and for all. 

It's 50% off for a few more days, and you can see it here: 


We hope you'll join us for these classes. 

The way to get more customers over the next year is easier than you'd think. 

We'll show you. 

Yours, as always, 

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