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The Tipping Point


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The Universe Invisible Sales Force-- Epidemics

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 by M LeMont

"I wrote my book without any clear expectation of who would read it, or what, if anything, it would be useful for, It would seemed presumptuous to think otherwise."  ~Malcom Gladwell

I've been experimenting with ways to tap deliberately into the energy that makes things go viral. That is one of the reasons I wrote How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. Imagine if you could turn your ideas into viruses that spread like wildfire? Marketing mavens have been trying to discover the secret formula for years, but now with advances in technology and the Internet it opens up new galaxies of possibilities.

I recently read a book by Malcom Gladwell, The Tipping Point. It's a fascinating study into why things spread.  Just as there is a Tipping Point for diseases, there are also epidemics for--ideas, trends, crime, books, diseases, smoking, drugs, alcohol, suicide, etc.  The book delves deep into the phenomena why and how things go viral--moving from one person to the next, and from one street corner to the next, from one city to the next, and from one country to the next. Epidemics are the Universe invisible sales force--it carries and distributes everything without care or concern--leaving participants unaware what happened.


The tipping point occurs when the right energy, elements, circumstances, people, time, and place, crosses a certain threshold--it tips and affects everyone it touches. It affects social behavior, health, buying patterns, and the way people think.  This phenomena can lead to success, failure, or devastation.  No one can predict or explain its power--why, or how it happens.  It just happens--turning an unknown author into a success, a Fortune 500 company into a fallen empire or an entire country devastated by disease.  

"We need to prepare ourselves for the possibility that sometimes big changes follow from small events, and that these changes can happen very quickly. This possibility of sudden change is at the center of the idea of the Tipping Point and might well be the hardest of all to except."

The slightest change in context can make the biggest difference, and cause things to tip, for better or worse. A sudden reversal of fortune can turn your life upside down. Your vision changes--you don't see things the same anymore.  Your memory is not normal, you don't think the same. Your capabilities change. What you normally wouldn't do, now you do. Look back on your life, and tell me, this isn't true?  When things hit a boiling point, something happened--a Tipping Point, that sent things reeling in the opposite direction.  

This book is thought provoking and illuminating--a look into the Universe invisible sales force--epidemics of all types. This is a Game Changer--businesses and marketers will never be the same. As one reader said, "Use the thinking in the book to create something new."  If you want an illuminating rush, then read this book.  Five Big Stars.


Now if you're lucky to read The Tipping Point  and my latest book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, then you'll have knowledge that 99.9 % of Internet users don't have. It's what I call an unfair advantage.

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Whenever someone says something is unfair--it means they are operating at a disadvantage. Your job is to keep the upper hand.

Get listed on The Retweet Train follow lists for 1 full year $5 subscription. Act Now! Limited time. More details at FIVERR.com 

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