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The Street



          The Street - Why Real Renegades Run Wild 

 This article was written for the Sweet Spot on my website
Blackhorsehsoe.org.   It was one of the hottest stock sites in
2010 and 2011.

The article shows the value
of being a renegade
and the benefits of not running with the herd.   

When it comes to making money, the majority is usually wrong - Earl Nightingale


If you follow the herd you will get the same results.  

This was evident in the mass demonstration of the group 99% that 
occupied Wall Street. 

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,
it's time to reflect and pause. - Mark Twain

You want to be part of the 1% that dared to do something different. 

             "Although I've moved on to a new game my love
          for the Street will never die."

By M. Le'Mont 

"The secret of bending the spoon is to know there is no spoon."  

Welcome to the Sweet Spot.  There's a table reserved for you.  

Oh, I see you're sitting at the same table as Blackhorseshoe,
this should be interesting.

Please, right this way.  Here's your table and enjoy your evening.

I'm glad to meet you Blackhorseshoe, likewise and who do
I have the pleasure of meeting?

I'm Jack Matheson from Ohio.  So, that's who you think you are uh?  

Yes sir, I've been Jack Matheson all my life
.  Okay, I see
you have no idea why you're really here, I guess
that's another story.

So I suppose you want to learn the secret to trading stocks?

Yes sir.

Well just like the secret to knowing the mystery of who
you are, is to know that you don't exist, the same is true
with the stock market.


Both only exist in your mind.
 The Big Idea

Up to this point, the market has appeared to you as a
physical building in New York at Wall Street and Bond;
the media; financial reports, and your favorite financial
news network and commentary.

Yes, to you this is the world the financial geniuses created
that you call the stock market.  

And that is the reason that you have failed miserably
in your search because none of it is real.

The so called experts who speaks so eloquently and
who you hold in high regard is actually doing worse

than the average investor.

Yes, there's only a few that know the secret to making
25-50% returns every year, regardless of the environment
and it's not the ones you see on T.V.

Everything you hear and read are designed to distract,
cloud your judgment, and keep you from the truth... that the market
is a virtual game like any other enterprise.

You make it, what you want it to be.

No rules; no boundaries, and no opponent, but yourself.

It all exists in the confines of
your mind.

You can turn the market into anything you like.

A gambling casino or a hunt for treasure on Volcano Island

The stock market is virtual; your mind can't accept
things it can not see, so you must design something
that is different and more powerful than what Wall Street
has created the market to be.

Jack believe me,
I know what I'm talking about.

The same is true with the Internet, my next venture 
I desire to master.

Only 1 out of 1,000 people will grasp what I'm trying to convey
to you.

The secret to bending the spoon is know the spoon
doesn't exist, so it is with the market.  

I know what you're thinking, because I've been there...

When you know the truth-it messes with your head.

Just remember, you've been listening to the
majority, and where has it gotten you?  

I've been a renegade all my life, going against industry norms,
making small incremental changes and getting rid of the
things that don't work.   

You can do the same.  It's all about how you perceive
something to be.   I was once blind... but now I see

A spoon isn't a spoon because the majority says it's a 

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