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                The Stars of the Show--Retweeters
         5 Things You Should Do Now

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 by M. Le'Mont

Have you ever watched a bad movie where the trailer was the only thing good about the movie, or bought a bad book because the marketing was so irresistible?

Marketing is about getting your product in front of, as many people as possible--the larger the audience--the more chances you have to sell your product or service.
  There are raving fans even for bad books, but Social Media is fickle and demands a large platform.  


The majority of people who sell on Twitter are doing it wrong.  They are following the wrong people.  It's like the blind leading the blind and they both fall in a ditch.   On average, it takes seven times for a person to see something before the message makes an impression.  

You must build alliances with people who retweet.  I'm not talking about building relationships--that's something different. Please don't confuse the two--you could have a good relationship with someone who likes you enough to buy your book, but they don't retweet.   

               The 1% rule

The majority of people are so caught up on tweeting they never consider that only 1% of their followers will see their tweet in their timeline; then those that see it, only 1% will read it; then the 1% that read it will Retweet  it.  So let's do some quick math:   10k Followers x 1% timeline= 100x 1%=1 person reads= 1x1% =retweet 1

Now that approach takes massive numbers to be effective, yet it is what most people do on Twitter.

There are two types of people on Twitter:  Tweeters and Retweeters.

Tweeters are only concern about tweeting to attract a large number of Followers who also

The second type--  Retweeters enjoy reading tweets, blogs, and  posts--they love retweeting to share with everyone. Retweeters very seldom initiate a Follow.

So you must become a talent scout and find the true Stars of the Show-- the Retweeters.   If you are a retweeter then I applaud you because as writers we couldn’t do it without you, and if you want a ton of recognition and praise then  Follow me @MisterSalesman and get on board the Retweet Train.


           Here are 5 things You Should Do Now

1.   Drill down and find Retweeters -two profiles of Retweeters.

A. 89k Tweets and the majority are retweets-- Tina Gayle @AuthorTinaGayle.

B. Brian Menard 136k Tweets and the majority are Retweets  

2.   Build  an Alliance-- it's an unspoken word that you retweet for each other.  If you can't do both -- then a  retweet is much better than a thank you.

3. Give some consideration to what you Retweet -- not something flaky just to say you retweeted. Select a tweet that would make the tweeter jump up and dance.

4.  Build Retweet Followback Lists with marquee players who people are familiar with-it's okay to include yourself on the list as the originator. 

5.  Get 95% Followback -- FAV, Retweet, Mention, Reply, Retweet List  

6.  Quality over Quanity-- If your Following count hits the 
Twitter limit then you're   following the wrong people -- 
you're getting less than 25% Follow back compared to 
the 95% mentioned above.    
7.  Make multiple retweet lists-- build your retweet team faster. J. P. Getty said, “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.” 

8.  Notify that you added them to the Retweet list.  

9.  Retweet your list everyday.  

10.  Get on board the Retweet Train-- The aim is to educate the Twitter world about the value of retweeting.  

Remember, a Retweet is always better than a "Thank you."  If you can't do both then a Retweet is much better.


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