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            Why Make Stupid People Famous,
             When You Can Unfollow Their Asses

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by M LeMont

I want to give a BIG thank you to all my Twitter Followers.  When I
founded the Retweet Train in February, 2014, I
 had less than 2,000 Followers. Currently, I have over 113,000+ and averaging 400-1,000 Followers a day. If you would like, please verify @MisterSalesman.

So who are these stupid people that we are making famous?  They are Twitter users who didn't follow back when you followed them.  Now being unaware of the effect this has on your Twitter account, you allow them to wallow in your Following count stifling your growth, and causing you to hit the Twitter limit--further restricting you from following anymore people until your followers catch up to the number of people you're following.

Believe it or not, this is a strategy for some users---knowing most Twitter users are ignorant of the fact and will never unfollow them.

It should be a crime for not following back and for not retweeting.  A
nd the punishment? Well, Lee @theleecrompton, jokingly suggested a car thrashing. Later, he said, "If a man in Missouri can serve life in prison for a marijuana offense, the suggestion for non re-tweeters is far too mild."  He tweeted a funny ass picture of a man smoking a joint.  You can see it in my Tweets ‏@MisterSalesman.

The recent growth of  the Retweet Train is mainly due to implementing strategies that are easy and simple, but hard for most people to do. For example, did you retweet today?  
See what I mean, most people
cringe at the thought of it?  And second, you must be ruthless at removing people who don't follow back; again easy and simple, but hard for most people to do.  I use Justunfollow.com an automated  program to identify non-followers and removes them.    

****Do not unfollow large number of followers at one time, by automated means, otherwise it could be in violation of Tweeter terms and conditions. Manage your accounts wisely over time.

I had a follower make this comment,  
"I disagree with your unfollow
strategy. I don't unfollow because I'm a collector of people, and I will
unite with them when the time is right."
 Now that sounds good, but it has no merit whatsoever.  The non-followers are not receiving his Tweets and know nothing about him. That's like meeting a stranger on the street, and saying, excuse me, sir, I would like to reunite with you.   Now, how silly, is that?  If somebody doesn't follow you back it means they're not in tune with you, or they don't like what you're doing.  So just face reality--why hold on to them.

If you want to learn more about Twitter secrets then grab a copy of my latest books  How To GAIN 100,000 Twitter Followers, or The Twitter Secret Key Revealed

Let's stir things up and do something truly remarkable on Twitter--united we are strong.  Start by retweeting this to your followers---the majority are using Twitter the wrong way and following the wrong people.


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