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The Oath

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The Oath...don't get it twisted

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By M Le'Mont

This post is for bloggers, writers, authors and other people of interest
that want to take a stand against content raiders.

solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth so help me God.

What if you had to take an Oath before you wrote a blog or
entered and exited a website.   

To the average person it would be non-sense,
but for content raiders, it may slow their roll.

Now I don't mean to impugn the character of
so if the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it,
but you can still learn something.

I am a big believer that there is nothing new under the sun; 
every thought or idea is proceeded by one before it.   

However, to blatantly steal without changing a word or
improving an "original" piece is dead wrong.

There was a time that I would let people grab
what they wanted off this website, but not anymore.

It took hundreds of hours and sacrifice away from my
family to write the content.

And to let content raiders come and steal freely is a sin against humanity.

Well, that may be stretching it a bit, but you get the point.

I wish there was a way to embed every article with a tracking code

to automatically send nasty emails to readers  informing them that
the content was stolen and
 the raider was an honest thief.

Assuming of course, that he/she confessed to the crime.

Until then, everyone should get an attorney like the one I've got,
who I believe must have
been a Pit Bull in a previous life, he
down and never let's go.

Please let me clarify so you can walk away with something valuable.   

t's OKAY to quote the author, and rewrite the article in your own voice.
And who knows, you may be able to say it better.

It's okay to send links and share with friends.

But it's not okay to post full blown articles without permission as if it was your own. That's crossing the line, and you'll suffer the consequences, which could be dire.  Such as reputation ruined, banned from Twitter, Facebook, Website, etc.  

This post was hard for me to write because an author's greatest
desire is to have his work read, shared, and appreciated by many.

- Francis Ford Coppola said it best.

"We want you to take from us.  We want you, at first, 
to steal from us because you can not steal.  You will 
take what we give you and will put it in your own voice, 
and that's how you will find your voice, and that's how you
begin.   Then one day someone will steal from you."   
So let the work of others inspire great ideas to write
remarkable pieces.

I will make you famous if you make me famous...but don't steal from me.  

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M. Le'Mont is an Author, Writer, Network Marketer,
 and IBO 14 websites.

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