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The Last Game


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   The Last Game
                                            A lesson in chasing fast money. 

by M. Le'Mont

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I'm writing fast but he was talking faster.

I tried to capture the essence of the moment.

I can take a quote from a movie, a lyric from a song,
a word, or a
inspire me to something magical.

Buzz was telling me about a guy that said, we need
to sit
and brainstorm, how I can make some quick
cash with this

Buzz said look here it's not that kind of party.

I'm not going to waste my time talking to you about
something like

You've been doing that all your life.

You got a job don't you?

Exactly.  Quick cash that pays your bills, right.

Like I said, you've been doing it all your life and where
has it gotten you?

I've loss millions, now I need millions, so I avoid conversations
about quick cash because I buy into your lifestyle.

Chasing fast money is a loser's game.

Nobody has the patience for the long-term game, but I'm
standing on 3rd base, and everyone has to come around
third to get home.

It's as I told another network marketer, eventually you
around to play our game.

Because we will out last whatever you're doing, whether
six months, a year, 5, or 10 years, you have to come
home, and play

It's the last game that out lasts them all.

There is nothing like it.

Shop and grow rich.

The last game.

Until that day... Make every moment count!

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