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The Jury Is Out

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The Jury is out -- 2 Things You Can Do to Reduce Bad Reviews  

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by M. Le'Mont

If you've ever been on trial and waited for the jury's decision then you know how it feels after a book is published.  It's the dreaded moment when the initial reviews start rolling in and your heart begins to ache.   

I don't care how good your book is; there's somebody out there who doesn't like it, so bad reviews are inevitable. They're coming, but here are two things that you can do to reduce them. 

1.   You can't appeal to everyone - Like a trial lawyer who eliminates potential jurors who would rule against his client, you must do the same thing to eliminate certain people from reading your book.  My brother in- law doesn't like romance novels so how could he possibly give me a good review?  My sister loves romance novels but hates explicit sex scenes, so I eliminated both of them from reviewing my book.

2.   Book Description-  Don't be afraid to say that your book has gory scenes, foul language, explicit sex scenes that may be offensive to some readers.  Inside my book, M LeMont The Point Of No Return  -WARNING - This book is raw and uncut-- if you are accustomed to giving bad reviews based on the language and content, then this book is absolutely not for you. I recommend that you stop and get a refund.

And on the other hand, a book can become a best seller despite bad reviews.    F Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was listed as  America's 40 worst books. 'Gatsby'? Really?      

                                                                             The Great Gatsby
If you're asking for book reviews then find out something about the readers first; what books do they like, and what books do they hate and why. Then decide if you really want them on the jury.   

Here's are two recent reviews and what they had to say about the Warnings 
mentioned in my book.

Was nice to see a man express his vulnerability March 13, 2014

Yet another Reviewer wrote, Regina M. "Lover of Paranormal Romances"  

your fans, one fan at a time, and don't try to cast a wide net, otherwise you'll have some jurors that could be injurious to your book sales.  Under-promise and over-deliver.  

Find your true fans, one fan at a time and they will give you glowing reviews and buy other books you've published.

You can read some other reviews here:  M LeMont The Point of No Return

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