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Twitter is the place to Beta Test your ideas before you launch anything

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by M LeMont

Twitter is the best platform to beta test ideas before spending a lot of money on product design and advertising.  It's a cool way of finding what works and what doesn't without spending a dime.  

I use Twitter to test a slew of ideas such as headlines for links, blogs, excerpts,  titles, cover designs, affiliate products, graphic images, etc. I then measure the results by using Twitter Analytics.

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Lately, I've been beta testing ideas for my gigs listed on Fiverr.comSince I'm also an Amazon Affiliate, I decided to beta test Amazon's best selling products in the UK to see which ones would sell in the USA before launching a marketing campaign. 


To be honest, when I look at the list, I wouldn't buy any of the products except the Gold Plated HDMI Connectors.   Thank goodness I can beta test everything on Twitter at no charge. Hell, at that rate ain't no tellin what I may discover.  

And, by the way, any purchases made on this website, I derive an affiliate commission so small it wouldn't buy me a guuud cup of coffeeeee. Now, let me know what you think. 


   Call of Duty Video Game- In the  twelve years there have been a surge in demand around the world for gaming videos.  

   Fifty Shades Trilogy- The book Fifty Shades of Grey less than four years old the most successful book of all time.


   Harry Potter DVD Set- No surprise that it is also one fastest books of all-time.


Hunger Games Trilogy- The book series made the all- time book series.


    Just Dance 47 New Hits-- The most popular  dance video game of all-time list.

   Kindle Devices--The best selling e-book reader of all-time   


  Millennium Trilogy. Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With Dragon Tattoo -- all three books entered the top ten bestsellers all-time bestsellers list. 


 Twilight Saga Complete Collection. The Vampire book and film series- all-time bestsellers list.

    SANDISK 8 GB Memory Card   This shows how important the role technology plays in our everyday lives, anytime a bestselling product of all-time is a computer accessory.  

      SANDISK 8 GB Memory Card in Frustration Free Packaging. As a mark of how integral technology has become to our lives, some of the bestselling products of all time are essential accessories used in daily life, including memory cards

    HDMI Gold Plated Connectors. In home theaters and audio systems caused a surge in demand for high end connectors--all-time best-sellers list.

       Wired-up HDMI to HDMI Gold Plated Connectors. With more connected devices at home than ever before, electrical accessories have become must have products

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Get listed on The Retweet Train follow lists for 1 full year $5 subscription. Act Now! Limited time. More details at FIVERR.com 

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