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The Confrontation


     Credit Repair: The  Confrontation (That Left Them Speechless)

By M. Le'Mont

A famous poet once said, "All Truth Passes Through Three Stages.

First it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, and finally it is accepted
as being self -evident."

When you decide to take on the daunting task to repair your
own credit, expect your decision to be opposed by everyone
you talk to.

Some people will tell you that you that is  illegal and yet others
say, you must wait your time.

The truth of the matter is, unless you talk to someone who has already
successfully removed negative items from their credit report,  you are
getting false  information.  

And don't expect anything  from the credit bureaus.  

They would go out of business if everyone exercised there right to clean

up their credit. 

Here's a classic example of ridicule, denial, and ignorance about
credit repair.  On April 11, 1996, CNN Evening News aired a story
about repairing credit and using credit repair companies.  

An official of a government agency discouraged anyone from using
a credit repair company.  He said, "It is impossible to remove legitimate
credit form your credit report."  

And further, advised consumers to stay away from credit repair

Several days later another credit repair program aired
and a news reporter was screaming, "don't do it!  Don't give them any money.  

They're lying to you!"  She continued, Only time will clean up your
credit record that contains adverse, but accurate credit information.  

And she insisted that you must wait seven years, that's the law.

Despite the propaganda and news reports from officials everywhere,
the simple fact remains, negative and inaccurate information is
deleted from people's credit reports by the thousands everyday.

Another example of ridicule and ignorance is found in a story of a
credit repair company that was questioned by a regulatory agency
about the legitimacy of the credit repair industry.  

In an on-site visit, the managers of the credit repair company took out
a stack of files and asked, How many negative items do we need to
show for you to believe that it is not a scam?  

They took out a stack of credit reports that stood two feet tall, which
was over 100,000 negative item that were deleted over a two-year span
of time.  

This is proof that even some officials are ignorant of the laws that
protect consumers.  

They are too busy trying to convince the American public that
credit repair is a scam and that you must wait seven years before
you can remove legitimate bad credit, they forgot a credit report is
nothing more than an allegation.  

Over 50% of individual credit reports contain errors of one kind or another.  

But this is what happens when you go against popular belief.  

Expect to be ridiculed, and violently opposes before the "Truth becomes self evident.  

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