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The Comma Guys --Never Leave Home Without Us 

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by M Le'Mont

When you drive or walk across an intersection, you take a pause, and look to the left and to the right.  That's what we Comma guys can do for you; we prevent you from having embarrassing moments, such as saying things you really don't mean, and running into other words; people, places, and things.(Foot on the brake, Pause)  Even when you're at the end of  the intersection-- you may have to Pause again just before crossing over.     Then there are other times you may have to call on the Comma guys, two or three times in a row.   We're here to get you safely on the other side without killing somebody.


A Panda walks into a cafe, orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun, shoots it and kills two people.  Then shows the waiter a wildlife magazine that read: "Panda native to China.  Eats, shoots and leaves."  I'm a panda and walked out the door.

The terrible misuse of commas can be tragic. The panda eats shoots and leaves...nice panda.

Now we also have some cousins that I want to introduce to you: The Periodfrom the Bronx, (Stop Red light)  The Semi- Colon and Colon from Jersey:(Yield)  And  the Exclamation mark! from Spokane, Washington, (when you need a  thrust of energy!)

These guys can keep the flow moving in the right direction when the Comma guys aren't working or on strike.   So if you want to make sure you cross over the intersection without commotion-- never leave home without us.   Now what's in your wallet? 

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