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The Chicken Story

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  Chicken Story- The Value of Knowing What You Got

         Something Magical Happens at 100,000 

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by M LeMont

It wasn't until a friend told me a story about a beautiful farmhouse he purchased, that I realized the value of something that initially seemed insignificant. He had discovered hidden, deep on the 5,000-acre ranch, a chicken farm. It wasn't until then that I found the similarity of raising chickens, to building a social media platform.

Here's what he had discovered:

200 hens

12 roosters

10 different breeds; each chicken had a unique blend of colors. 

8 rare breeds/priceless

Each had a different personality.

Some produced more eggs; had different egg colors: white, blue, green, brown and golden. 

Some chickens were easy to get along with.

Some were high strung.

Some were natural born leaders, but most were followers, fast learners, and slow learners.

Most of them ate special chicken feed/others dug for worms

Some wondered off and were eaten by wolves.

Some were trouble makers and always fighting, some you keep as pets.

And one of the most fascinating things that my friend noticed–chickens didn't lay eggs when they were under stress.

Something MAGICAL happens at  100,000. It doesn't matter whether it's chickens or followers.  It just happens and sometimes sooner. It's the LAW OF LARGE NUMBERS. Take for example, what happened to one of my followers Patrick  with 30,000+ followers.

Comment:) "I was hired as an eBay consultant yesterday for a company that just designed a new line of products. I guess my Web presence is valuable: )

The Law of Large Numbers

The BIGGER, the amount in a short period equals BIG discoveries and opportunities.

Scientists have known this fact for years.  Thomas Edison said he never failed he just found 10,000 ways that didn't work. He knew that the MAGIC was in the numbers; 100,000 experiments would present new discoveries that he wasn't looking for.  

"We like to pioneer, we like to explore, we like to go down dark alleys and see what's on the other side and sometimes they open up into city streets with big lights. ....  "We Love To Invent. We love to pioneer."
~ Jeff Bezos

I found several excellent opportunities on my way to 100,000 followers that I didn't expect.  And, so will you.  

In order to appreciate the value of something, you first have to know what you've got. My friend could have easily gotten rid of the chickens; instead he found out what he had, and turned it around to become one of the top chicken farms in the country.  

Do you know you what you got? 

Twitter is a fantastic platform to build whatever you want.   I read   Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money Power Friendship and Betrayal.  

It was a fantastic book:) that gave valuable insight into the minds that changed the world. It was a dramatic, engaging and daring journey on the road to self discovery for the founders.

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