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   M LeMont The Point of No Return -"I Had Enough I Didn't Have Much More Left"  

                   The Big Idea - 6 Ideas to Wipe Out the Competition 

by M. Le"Mont 

In business you must stay one step ahead of the competition; 
otherwise it could mean lights out for your business.

If you're not thinking in terms of new ideas that can radically
change an industry and have the power to wipe out the competition,
then I guarantee you someone else is.

At the end of this article by using the same 6 ideas,
I will reveal the next Big Idea that is making its way across the Atlantic.

So pay close attention and savor every word.     

Okay here are the 6 Ideas to Wipe Out the Competition

1.   Make your product free-  if you're not thinking about how
to make your product or service free, someone else is and when
it happens it could shut down your business.

2.  Simple- people like simple ideas that they can refer to family and friends.      

3.  Smooth - Easy to use.   

4.  Monetary rewards for telling friends about your product or service. 

5.  Repackage- There's no need to reinvent the wheel,
just find a better way to market or package it.

6.   Mass Appeal-  Significant changes that appeals to an industry,
nation, or world.

What happened to these name brand companies?

Blockbuster Videos- filed bankruptcy;  Nextflix offered the same
 product for less, simple, smooth, re-market, repackage.

MySpace-  started in 2003 was the first social network;
       by 2010 it virtually vanished; replaced by Facebook and Twitter;

Borders Books; wiped out by Amazon, who found a way to offer
 books for free, simple, smooth, re-market, repackage, reward friends, mass appeal.

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Ideas Spread Faster When They Are Free  

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