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The Art of More Money


  The art of turning money into more money...
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Date: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 6:48 pm
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A couple of days ago I was on the phone with a prospect.

A very common idea is holding her back.

I had that idea when I started my first business, so I really know the troubles it creates...

Let's say you're starting a cafe.

You know everything you need to make it successful.

But you don't know anything about baking.

So, do you hire a baker?

I hope so, otherwise your cafe is not likely to succeed.

Sure, you can learn to bake–maybe even well enough to be successful.

But how long will it take.

And how long will it take to get the word out and attract customers once you've learnt to bake?

Maybe you think, "I'll hire the baker once the business is turning a profit."

And that's the common idea that slows so many people down...

If you don't know how to do an essential task in your business, you should get someone to help you from the start.

If you don't, you're delaying your chances of succeeding.

And if it's an important part of your business, it usually takes a long time to learn.

In the worst case, you run out of money or motivation before your business becomes profitable...

The lady, I talked with a couple of days ago, is dead set on making the business profitable before hiring me.

In other words, she's decided to get her marketing to work before she gets help with marketing.

I get it. I really do. And I don't blame her.

When your business isn't generating consistent profits, every additional cost seems impossible to handle.

But if there's an additional cost that makes you succeed much faster than what you otherwise would, it makes sense to make the investment.

Moral of the story is:

Look at your business and figure out if there's something you need help with.

Maybe it's web development. Maybe it's accounting.

Maybe it's marketing.

Just admit that you need help.

And then find someone who can help.

If it costs you something to get that help, then decide if investing something now to earn more later on is a good decision or not.

Don't avoid costs JUST because your business isn't profitable yet.

Investing in the right things in your business will make it grow much faster than you thought was possible...

Oh, just so you know, there's a very similar mistake people make when their business is already very profitable.

I'll talk about that tomorrow.



PS. If the thing you need help with is marketing, maybe we should talk.

Just reply to this email and tell me about your business.

I'll reply and try to help even if we don't end up working together, so you really can't lose anything.

PPS. My consulting and coaching fees are going up at the end of this month. So, if you want help, today is a good day to reply to this email ;)
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