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Thank You Moments

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Thank You Moments

Sometimes in life it's the s
mall things that matters most. 
  The kind words like thank you for your help; I couldn't have done it without you.  Some of the most touching moments for me are on this page. I come here often, to be reminded that it's not all about me, it's about helping others

Sept 22 Sky Full Of Star wrote: @Maheshprasad789  
Hi.Dixon. GoodMorning. Wakeup Active lady. Without you twitter is boring :))

@MisterSalesman  Awe that's so sweet. Thank you...now I may never sleep again.

Sept 212 
@ShadyLadyHH wrote:  thank you for all you did for me :)
@MisterSalesman You're welcome! We missed you. Glad you're back. Let's do it again.

Sept 22 PNPTRENDZ wrote:
@Patrick50809510   13,000 Followers,
It's because of Following the advice of People like her @MisterSalesman that we got this far, Thank you to Everyone!    

Aug PNPTRENDZ wrote:
‏@Patrick50809510  It is too funny, I have had my account suspended 3 times and have had to change my password about 8 times I'm a slow learner

@MisterSalesman I'm laughing out loud!  So funny I remember you asking what's wrong with my account Bobbie?

Sept 21 AngelsBlood wrote: 
@MisterSalesman but well deserved :) as a newbie I'd have been lost without you.

@MisterSalesman . @_AngelsBlood you're so kind---compliments like that, is what keeps me going.  Thank you so much. 

Aug 14 @MIJean1 wrote:  
I made it to 50 followers on my 4th day of Twitter. shout out to my Tweet mentors @MisterSalesman and @TaylorTfulks20

MisterSalesman Sept 21 and now you have 2,000+ followers

Coming soon more Thank You Moments
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