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   How to Write Headlines like a Tabloid

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by M LeMont

My Tweet:)  "You just shared a link. How long will people pay attention?"  

Commenter:) "@MisterSalesman I think unless you entice the eyes you're dead in the water. Yourtweets have to WOW people!"

Alright, so I promised my friend that I wouldn't write about it but there's so much we can learn from her story, I just couldn't resist. 

So to protect her identity, I'll use an alias and  when I finish,  there will be no trace of evidence.  Miss Penny Nickel Dollar is my best friend's girlfriend, and she's 35 years old.  She owns a mail order business that generates $100,000 a month selling tip sheets to hungry lottery playing people across the country.

What makes this story so fascinating is that I don't know if anyone that would take the chance and put down $150,000 in postage and mail order lists to get a measly 3% return.   Plus mail order is a dying business. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it. 

I would have thought it was a story straight out of the Tabloids. I saw hundreds, and hundreds of checks being deposited every day as they approached the holiday season, which according to Penny Nickel Dollar is their slow season. 

Penny said that it's a predictable business with Thanksgiving and Christmas being the slow season.  It was a mail order business her father founded 20 years ago and passed it down to the kids.  The family does quite well financially and lives on a 200 acre farm in Maine. But it wasn't always that way.

In the early years, her father, lost a lot of money trying to find the right audience  and learning how to sell to them.  Nowadays, Penny operates the mail order business the same way her father did. She operates without a website, no internet presence, and without any other modern day gadgets; email lists, autoresponders, Social Media, or SEO.  

The Prospect Buys the Headlines and then the Sales Letter.

Penny Nickel Dollar sells the lottery tip sheets to prospects that believe they contain hidden mystical secrets from Greek gods.  They claim the lottery numbers are scientifically formulated based on the elements of the universe; weather, stars, moon and the ocean tides.

The people that buy these sheets have to be crazy, uh?  Yea, you would think so, but they believe and have proof that it works.

They are willing to pay anywhere from $5 to $99.99 for one tip sheet of Greek symbols and a lot of mumbo- jumbo stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. Each tip sheet is written by a different author or guru that adds to the mystic. Customers have their favorite tip sheet writer and willing to pay more for past results.

So who in the hell is Penny Nickel Dollar's Audience? That's the million dollar question.  Every market has an audience, and you have to find it.  

When I asked why doesn't she try to convert the business over to the Internet, she said, "In the past whenever we tried to change something, it almost destroyed the business. So we leave well enough alone.  If it ain't broke, we don't fix it."

Tabloids and Killer Headlines

Penny said her father learned how to write killer headlines from reading the headlines of tabloids and magazines. He would spend hours finding one word to make a headline brilliant. She said we've used the same sales letters and headlines for over 20 years.

Here are seven things I learned from Penny Nichol's story.  

1. Customers like to buy and they don't like to be sold.

2.  Testimonials are social proof that it works.

3. Learn how to write Killer headlines for your tweets and posts.

4.  Study Tabloid headlines from the National Enquirer, Globe, Star Magazines.

5. Niche market-Every product or service has a market, you just have to find it. And gaining 100,000 Twitter followers is a good start.

6. Your post or sales letter must have these 4 elements: Headline, Opening Line, Story and Close.

7.  Finally, if it "ain't broke", don't fix it, no matter what the critics say.  But you must also have common sense to change things if there are signs that it no longer works. Or it could mean, lights out for your  business.


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