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TWO Minute Challenge

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              TWO Minute Challenge

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 by M. Le'Mont

Your attitude will determine your altitude in life.  It's  more than a cliche. Success starts with having the proper mindset.  I put together 11 motivational videos that will inspire, motivate, and get your mind in shape. 

You have to train to think like a CHAMPION!

I challenge you to take  the 2 minute challenge and start and end your day watching a motivational video.


Listen to the videos in sequential order--in the
and before going to bed. This is your moment for life. You have to train your mind if you want to be the best. 

I prepared these motivational videos for me, but I'm sharing them with you. Now let's see if you're strong enough for the challenge.

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"The way you fight your fights will be the way you live your life."  
--Mike Tyson  








      Keep watching you're not done yet!

Stay motivated; You're broke. So what? You don't need sympathy. You're already in pain, You're already hurting, then get your reward. Work harder than anybody else--train your mind--train your body--train your soul--don't sleep--let them sleep--don't eat--let them eat--don't complain--let them complain--Keep working  Keep believing Keep pushing. Every moment every second makes you better than anybody else. This is it...

IF you want to be the best---take no days off!





Keep Watching if you want to be a champion--fight the fear. The enemy is not your bank account--it's not your job--it's not your spouse who don't believe in you.

The enemy is you. It's your mind that's holding you back.  So click the next link and train your mind.




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You got stars in your eyes, and the whole world is out there for you.

So roll up your sleeves and go to work, Work harder and smarter than anybody. Never give up. Never!   

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