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Super Blueprint

Blueprint- How to duplicate or clone your way to the top 1%

Do you want to know how to turn your internet business
into a thriving enterprise?  

It's simple, learn how to clone or
duplicate what the other 1% are doing.

I've put together a  Super Blueprint of remarkable articles
that shows what the top internet marketers are doing.

The internet is like playing chess against an invisible opponent and
you  must anticipate his next 5 moves.   

So don't try and read everything at once, bookmark this 
page and come back often.  

I will continue to update and add new ideas.  

Remember, the key is to duplicate or clone your way to the top. 

The articles are listed in no particular order of importance.

10 Keys How to Become an Independent Business Owner On The Internet

What I Learned from Vince Lombardi Over Dinner

Basic Guide 101- How to Start a Website From Scratch

20 Rules of Building a Successful Business

How to Harness the Power of Luck

How to Make a .com Website and Sell it for $200k in Less Than 24 months 

8  Steps - How to Get Your First 100,000 Visitors in Less Than Six Months

Internet Secret Tools - What are the Internet Gurus Hiding?  

The Street- Renegade Thinking

Are You Sabotaging Your Business not Being on the Internet?

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