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Sticky Headlines

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How to Write Sticky Headlines

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by M LeMont

What caused you to remember this Wendy's commercial after more than 30 years?


The commercial became so popular
  that it spread like an epidemic from one person to the next. It had everyone saying, "Where's the Beef"?

When writing headlines for your blog or Tweets, you should write them
to be memorable. If the message doesn't resonate or sticks in the memory of the reader then why should they buy your product, click on your link, read your blog, or retweet your message?

There's an art to writing catchy and sticky headlines. You should spend a lot of time practicing--writing headlines. Pay attention to everything that is written and spoken: such things as television commercials, ads, movie quotes, songs, poems, billboards, magazines, Tabloid headlines, conversations, tweets, etc. These are great resources for finding words and phrases that you can expand on to make a remarkable and memorable headline.

There's nothing new under the sun; every idea and word have been expanded on, in one way or another.


Although the slogan didn't make a lick of sense, and a cigarette tasting good?  Go figure. But the commercial had a stickiness that stuck in your memory.  Later the company turned it into a jingle and put R. J Reynolds Tobacco on the map and became the best selling brand.

Using short snappy words, sentences, or phrases that   have good rhythm and flows well is more important than whether it makes sense or not. Your message must make an impact on the person who's reading it. You want it to infect their mind and become so contagious they'll tell someone else about it, either by word of mouth or through social media.

I'm currently working a formula how to make things go viral on social media.  The process starts with writing short and snappy headlines and blogs that get the reader in and out in 2 min and 2 sec with some valuable information they can easily use.  

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