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             Special Message  
     Muchas gracias. Te tengo! Soy todo tuyo
Translate: Thank you so much. I Got you! I'm All Yours.

Did you receive the following email from me?  If so, please be patient because I've been very busy scheduling the Free 15 minute 1 on 1 Twitter consultations. I'm taking no days off and working harder than anybody. Your slot's coming up next.  The results have been not just amazing, but phenomenal!  

Here's an  email I sent to one of my customers who registered his purchase.

Dear Chapman,

Thank you for registering the HTG100K book.  It is my pleasure to help you gain 100k followers and build a formidable Twitter platform.  It's what I call an Unfair Advantage because 99.9% of Twitter users have never read the book before.

Knowledge is power, and once it's acquired nobody can take it from you.

Once you finish reading the book, please do a fair an honest review on Amazon. 

Then I will schedule a 1 on 1 Twitter consultation.  There are many perks to the consultation; it's the coup de grace  that adds clarity and depth. So don't miss the opportunity.  

Send me an email or Tweet and let me know when is the best time to catch you on Twitter.  

I'm looking forward to working with you.  And believe me, your purchase will far exceed your expectations.  

Thanks again,


If you want to jump ahead of the crowd I'm offering an 1 hour advance consultation through FIVVER.

Some customers have also inquired about my Mentor services. 
So I've designed a program for the most ambitious individuals who want to take a quantum leap to become a Social Media expert. This service is certainly not for everybody because it requires a lot of time and dedication. Oh, and money.
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