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Smart Merchants


             What Smart
Merchants Are 
to Acquire Customers  

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By M. Le'Mont

In a fierce fight to grab market share, merchants will spend in
excess $600 billion by 2015, to acquire customers through
traditional methods of advertising: television, billboards, direct mail,
and social media.

Everyone is trying to find that magic potion that works to attract
new customers while keeping existing customers coming back.

However, a poor return can be disastrous for small business
owners with a tight advertising budget.  

In the  January 14 article,  Entrepreneur   listed the
average cost in an industry for a leading competitor to
acquire just one new customer.   

Travel Industry:     Priceline.com: $7
Telecom Industry:  Sprint PCS: $315
Retail Industry:      Barnesandnoble.com: $10
Financial Sector:    TD Waterhouse: $175

So what are Smart Merchants doing different?  

Since interrupt market is dying, Smart Merchants have opted
to explore
shopping communities or networks that have millions
of loyalty members. 

These networks pay members to shop and refer friends through their 
system of loyalty merchants.


Shoppers and Merchants Make it Happen

  • Smart merchants are getting loyal customers who drive 30 miles or travel by plane to shop in the network.
  • Customers are given huge incentives and benefits to redirect their spending.

  • Smart Merchants pay when a sale is made and now can get a big bang for their money.        
       Smart Merchants Turn Hidden Assets (Customers)
        Into Cash Assets When they  Shop Someplace Else


Imagine if you're a small business owner and your customer went to
dinner at a steak house, another customer got his car repaired,
and another customer got a prescription filled,  and you were able
to capture a piece of each transaction, how could that impact your cash flow?   VIEWITNOW

       Trillions of Dollars are Spent Every day 

We are all part of the global consumer transaction business,
so why not get a small piece of the pie.  

People spend money every day:  food, gas, medicine, clothes, cars,
cell phones, etc.

It's a perpetual event that never stops.

               4 Very Important Questions   
  1. Are you getting the most out your advertisement budget? 
  2. How much does it cost your business to acquire a new customer?
  3. What can you do to keep existing customers coming back?
  4. Can you diversify your business without spending additional time? 

      Watch VIEWITNOW Loyalty program.  

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