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Get listed on The Retweet Train follow lists for 1 full year $5 subscription. Act Now! Limited time. More details at FIVERR.com 

How To Find People With Similar Interests 

Comment::) "It would be nice if I could get a follow back. Most people never follow back, or they unfollow the next day."

My Reply:) "That's because you're following the wrong people. Follow people with similar interests." (Wait, I can't believe I said that?)

Unless you got a crystal ball it will take you forever to find people who will follow you back.  "The average follow back ratio is 5-15%, it really stinks," according to How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers, Secrets Revealed by An Expert.  Finding people with similar interests is easier said than done. After all, just because they share a similar interest doesn't mean they will follow back.   


What if your "interest" was gaining more followers, then you should be looking for people who share the same interest, right?

Well, over the course of time, I found 500 people who are interested in two things: Gaining more followers and following back. 

I've compiled follow back lists and tweet them twice a day. These are people who share similar interests as you do; to gain more followers and to follow back people who follow them.

And, that's the way it should be; why follow people who don't follow you? It took time to compile and prune the lists and get an overall follow back percentage of 80%. It's a win-win situation for the follower and the person who follows back.  Everyone gets what they want.


Now  there are two ways that you can get on the Retweet Train Follow lists. The first, is a paid subscription  to have your name added to a SINGLE or MULTIPLE lists. And if you like you can have your name added to all 28 lists. You can view the lists #MRetweetTrain.

The lists are tweeted twice a day to my 100,000+ followers and pruned of anyone who doesn't follow back. This is an EXCELLENT way  to PASSIVELY gain followers. Your only requirement is to follow back and retweet the list you're listed on. For pricing information FIVERR.COM


The second way to get on the Retweet Train Follow list is to purchase my new book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. You'll be added to one the lists at no cost. Send proof of purchase  to bob@mistersalesman.com or go to MLeMont.com.

The follow back lists are most effective when you follow back in 24-48 hours and combined with the Six Powerful Factors: Engage, Retweet, Follow, Follow back, Unfollow, and Tweet. 

Here's Proof that the Follow lists work 

To the best of my knowledge the following individuals have been on the Retweet Train for at least a year.  

The Retweet Train Proof #1 -- @Patrick50809510 45,700 Follow @Patrick50809510

The Retweet Train Proof #2-- @JanetCBrennan had 19 followers and now in a couple of months 27,500+ Follow  @JanetCBrennan

The Retweet Train proof #4--  @NotebkBlogairy 3600 followers to 17,200+  Follow @NotebkBlogairy

The Retweet Train proof #5-- Michele Foulk only had a few followers now she has 8,800+  FOLLOW  @mfoulk50 

The Retweet Train proof #6--- @pamelajrogers had 42 followers and now 5,600+ @pamelajrogers FOLLOW 

Get listed on The Retweet Train follow lists for 1 full year $5 subscription. Act Now! Limited time. More details at FIVERR.com 


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