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Subject: Hi Bob , here's your [Gift #3]...

From: "Cristy Lozano" <cristy1435@gmail.com>
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Date: Tue, Apr 09, 2013 6:52 pm
To: "bob dixon" <bob@mistersalesman.com>

Bob, now I know most of this comp plan stuff
can be a bit on the dry side...but we need to know
not just how we're going to get paid, but what
we have to do to maximize a compensation plan.

Each plan has it's own idiosyncrasies, whether it's a
unilevel, a matrix, a binary, a 1-Up or 2 Up, a
break-a-way, or whatever... If you build your group
without knowing these idiosyncrasies you very well
leave some serious cash on the table.

So I hope you're picking up on those idiosyncrasies
so you can max out your next compensation plan.

But there is a very serious flaw in the design of most
compensations plans. This flaw wasn't such a big
deal a few years ago...but it's massive now.

Let me explain.

With a real unemployment rate (not the numbers
the government gives us) of 20% plus, more and
more folks are looking at our industry as a way to
make full time income - immediately. Many don't
have a choice today.

Network Marketing use to be promoted as a
part-time, extra income gig.
It was promoted as a business where you make a
bit of sideline income to pay the car payment, kids
tuition, put some money away for that dream vacation...
you know what I'm saying.
That's all changed almost overnight.

You, I and many others need to see the home-base
business industry now as a main income source.
An income that can pay all the bills...more
importantly a business that can do that fast - like

This is where most comp plans break down, they
haven't factored in this new world we now live in.
A world where 2 out of every 10 have lost large
chunks of their income stream...some have lost
all of their incoming income.

Simply put...most designers of these comp plans
just don't get it...some are even greedy. They
design these confusing comp plans that look great
on paper but in reality they don't pay out well.

Bob, if you're in the same boat that I was or
many others are and need a full-time income right
out of the gate with a network marketing home-base
business then may I encourage you to watch this.

Watch this video:


When folks enroll in my system I make a $50.00
commission on the spot! With FREE advertisment.

It doesn't take too many $50 Commissions to make
for a nice month and be able to pay all the bills.

Offer Still Stands - 50 headlines and body ads FREE with purchase!

If you have any questions I'm here for you - just
phone me up at: 956-286-7150


Cristy Lozano

P.S. Bob, look for Gift #4 from me titled:
"Serious MLM Mistakes" This little ebook will be a
great help in prevent you from making income
robbing mistakes I see many make.

1511 Santa Cleotilde, Laredo, TX 78040, USA

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