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                   SHOW UP EVERY DAY

by M. Le'Mont

I love this quote by Anne Lamott- "hope begins in the dark,
the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do

the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch
and work; you don't give up."

The first thing to do is show up.  2 min opportunity Video.

And the second, don't give up. 

The battle is half won if you show up and

to do WHATEVER it takes to win.

So why do few people make it?

Two blood brothers had the same OPPORTUNITY.  

Both started at the same time, intelligent, good skills, 
and unlimited r

All things were equal, so why did one succeed and the
other one failed miserably?

Attitude!  It determines your altitude in life.

If 50% of the battle is already won because you show up,
then the other
comes from not quitting when you
don't see
 results early on.

People join a weight loss club, two weeks later they
quit because they didn't see results.

Someone joins a network marketing company, excited
about the
 a month later quits because
he didn't see

It takes time for the evidence to sprout.

But if you take small steps everyday trying to do
the right things your day will come.

Imagine trying to grow a Chinese bamboo tree.  

You plant it, water it everyday, fertilize it, and after a year, nothing happens.

I mean ZERO results.  

Now how discouraging is that?

The second year, you water it, fertilize it, and still nothing happens.

The third year, you water it, fertilize it, and nothing happens.

Have you quit yet?

The fifth year you continue to water, and fertilize the seed,
and then there's a rumbling in the ground and the Chinese
bamboo tree sprouts and grows NINETY FEET TALL in SIX WEEKS.

Something was going on beneath the surface that you
couldn't see until it was

Isn't that the way it is with anything you want in life?

Like the Bamboo tree, if you started something today
and KNEW for sure
would have it in five years would
you do whatever it took to
get it?

Then do it.  

You have the evidence.

It's all around you, success stories of top income earners,
people who loss weight, athletes, actors, singers, and
the millionaire next door.

They're no different than you.   

All you have to do is show up and stick with
it until the harvest comes.

Show up every day, and do the small things
that matter, nothing should stop you from doing that.  

Even when your mood changes, you lose your
enthusiasm, and people criticize you, show up anyway.  

Small steps makes the difference.

Get on the treadmill for 3 min instead of a GRUELING hour.  

Talk to one prospect instead of trying to talk to many.

SHOW UP and EIGHTY percent of the battle
is already done!

Mother Nature said I did it for the Bamboo tree, and I 
will do it for you.  

If you start it and don't quit, I'll FINISH IT!

Don't quit.

Never give up!

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