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Warning: This Book Is Not For the Faint of Heart and may be contrary to your thoughts and beliefs. 

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             Shocking Truth About Coincidences

“Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.”  -Albert Einstein

December 02, 2012
  Revelation 4:00 am  Copyright © 2014 M. Le'Mont   

A still voice inside me said, it's not your damn business "Why" and it's not your damn business "How,” just go through it. And it will be all right like the many times before.

There Is No Such Thing As Coincidences.  Things Happen for a Divine Purpose.  So I began to wonder–is there such a thing as coincidences?  Or, were all things that happened designed to occur in Divine order.  In this book, there were several unexplainable incidents.  The most profound was when I drove by Veronica's apartment at
4:30 am and caught her in the act.  The second incident is when my daughter's boss ex-girlfriend, whom he hadn't seen in 12 years asked where he was working and discovered her boss was dating my wife.  Then we had the night of the concert with her sitting two rows behind me.  I mean I could go on and with such occurrences.   

When we can't explain something, we find comfort in saying it was a "coincidence” so we can stay in control. If every experience in life is preordained then I want at least to be conscious of it, not before the fact, but at least that I don't have anything to do with what happened.   



The definition of coincidence suggests it's man's feeble attempt to explain the unexplainable.  We would be better off by observing the things that are occurring instead of chalking it up, to coincidence.   If nothing else, it shows that we're not in control as we thought. There's a reason for everything, but the revelation comes later.   

Whether you believe in predestination or not, there are patterns and clues to the Universe that suggest that things are pre-ordained to happen in your everyday life and the world.

Why does the sun rise in the East and sets in West every day? Have you ever wondered why all the trees make the letter "Y?"  

If you strip the trees of their glory (leaves) and you'll see every branch perfectly forms a "Y." Why is the letter "Y" imprinted in the palm of your hands?"  I know you thought it was "M" but take another look.  And what about your veins they also make the letter "Y?" And did you know your veins and every blade of grass also form the letter "Y", like little branches on a tree? 

How about a whale when it ascends out the water, and then descends back with its tail forming the letter "Y"? Is it a coincidence that many things form the letter "Y" and not some other letter?  Or is there a Divine reason and order for the occurrences?

There are plenty of other examples, like the tragic event of 911.

First, the numbers 9-11 suggest an emergency and someone should call 911 for help.  Why is that?   Was it just a coincidence the numbers were arranged in that order before the tragic event of 911.  

In Lisa Belk's article, The Odds of That  New York Times, 2002, she spoke about scientists, and mathematicians who warn us not to read too much into patterns because there are numerical explanations for them.  However, another religious organization sees it being the Divine work of our Heavenly Father Yahweh, showing us signs of His Divine Purpose.  

Four Irrefutable Instances

1. For instance, as stated in Belk's article, and another religious organization also pointed out the  same correlations of 9-11, the day after it happened. Correlation: Call 911 emergency number.  

2.  Belk said, the numbers 9/11 (9 plus 1 plus 1) equal 11.

3.  American Airlines Flight 11 was the first to hit the twin towers, and there were 92 people on board (9 plus 2) equal 11.

4. And Sept. 11 is the 254th day of the year (2 plus 5 plus 4) equal 11. There are 11 letters each in ''Afghanistan'' ''New York City'' and ''The Pentagon'' (and while we're counting, in George W. Bush).  

The Bible said, "The Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork."  Psalm: 19:1

Many people will ignore the many signs that occur in their own lives every day, and continue to ask why.   But as Jim Rohn said I would not subscribe to that class.  It's not your damn business "Why" something happened.   And it's not your damn business "How."    

There's a higher power in control, and we are an expression of it. And what are we expressing?  What else could we be expressing, but His Divine Pattern, Purpose, and Plan.

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Warning: This Book Is Not For the Faint of Heart and may be contrary to your thoughts and beliefs. 

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Disclaimer:  This is a true story based on real events, situations, and people. The names of the characters appearing in this work have been changed to protect their identity. The straight forward language may be offensive.  It is not intended for the faint of heart or persons under 18 years old.  

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