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Shh! Kiss Me Baby


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...at seven the kids teased me because I wore suits to school..." Don't worry son, one day they will be your workers." 

Shh! KISS ME BABY Available Now    


If you had the chance would you date a 
Millionaire Playboy?

I assume most women would...at least for the fun of it; Lear Jet, late night shopping sprees to Macao, and parties at the mansion. Now I may be wrong, so let me know @MisterSalesman.

Well, Mary Jane did just that...for the thrills.  After all who would fall in love with a player, right?  
layers only love you when they're playing.
"  Mary Jane, the diva, had a remedy, and she would have him wrapped around her little finger before it was all over.  But it would cost both of them dearly. 

         Thunder only happens when it's raining. ~ Fleetwood Mac

Shh! Kiss Me Baby was written to rival one of the best love stories ever written--S.F. Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.  
It's juicy, steamy and the sexual explicitness of Zane. The book is for the hopeful romantic in all of us. 

When you hear the name Mary Jane what comes to mind:  The BET Mary Jane TV series, the R&B singing group The Mary Jane Girls, or Rick James's classic I'm in love with Mary Jane? (Marijuana)

Well, now you can add another Mary Jane to the list.  Shh! KISS ME BABY is the Untold Story of Mary Jane.    It's the hot new romance book that will carve its way into your heart.

Buddy Brown is an overly successful businessman who enjoys the good life and has a fine taste for women.  He takes great pride in his success as evident of what's printed on his business cards:  Millionaire Playboy, Land Developer, and Author extraordinaire.   Life is going well for the flamboyant playboy until he meets Mary Jane, the diva that showed him a different side of romance.  Both are from a different lifestyles and get enthralled in a hot steamy romance that leads to real life drama and suspense.   

"Of all the women I took to the dance there was only one that would have stayed with me until the end."

The Screenwriter said, "Only one,  sir?"

Yes, just one.  Her name was Mary Jane, I don't know what's going to happen but I want her story to be told.


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