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                Serve The Many

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by M LeMont

I grew up listening to cassette tapes of  Zig Ziggler, the best motivational speaker ever lived. Well, that was until, some 30 years later, thanks to the Internet and YouTube, I discovered the late Jim Rohn.  Boy, I hate that I missed him during my direct sales experiences in 70's.  He was not just inspiring, but he spoke to the very essence of your soul.

Bear with me, I've got a point to all this, that will be beneficial to many of you, looking to gain more followers and more exposure on Twitter.

You see, Jim said one of the keys to being successful is finding what interest other people and then fill that need.

I know what you're thinking. I've heard that crap before, yea, but not like this.


"Some people aren’t interested, but for those that are, service to many leads to greatness.”

Someone says, “Well, the best I can do is just take care of myself,” which is ok, but it doesn’t lead to greatness.

Someone says, “I’ve got enough bills of my own. I can’t worry about someone else’s bills.” That’s okay, but it doesn’t lead to greatness.

Greatness is helping people pay their bills. You forget about yours. Because if you help enough people pay theirs, yours disappear. Help people with problems. Your problems disappear.

The key to greatness, the Master Teacher taught, is Find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness." ~Jim Rohn

Now that was some powerful words. If Jim Rohn was living he would be drooling how to  serve the many on the internet.

Since writing this article, my brain started releasing idea cells like crazy that led me to create four gigs on Fiverr.com, which will interest the many who want to build a social media platform on Twitter.

Gig#1  I will give you shout-outs twice a week to 140K followers to follow you. It's an excellent way to gain more followers and get more exposure. More details Fiverr

Gig#2  I will add your name to the RT Train follow lists.  It's an excellent way to passively gain more followers without much effort.  Fiverr

Gig#3  I will tweet your headline message and link to 140k followers 4x times a week for 30 days.  Fiverr

Gig#4  I will teach you how to gain 100,000 Followers. 1 on 1 Twitter consultations. Pick the categories you're interested in. Fiverr

Now if you're part of the many that Jim Rohn spoke about, then these gigs are for you.  If not, then you already got it going on; keep doing what you're doing, and I'll mosey on over to Fiverr and help the many.


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