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                    How to Make a .com Website and Sell
                    It for $200k in Less Than 24 months  

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By M. Le'Mont

If you are interested in building and selling a website for $200,000
in less than 24 months then this blueprint is for you.

On the other hand, if you are interested in building a website for 
long-term value, then you can take the same blueprint and shorten
your road to success.

However, business rule 101 states, no matter what you're building-
you should always consider selling it.

Here's how to make a .com website and sell it for
$200,000 in less than 24 months

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Blueprint for Building and Selling a Website

- Proper mindset; flip this website in 2 years.

- Select a perfect domain name, like Mistersalesman.com that's
geared toward a specific audience.

-Brand the website with effective content and videos.

- Spend most of your time writing high quality content that
your readers love.

- Spend 50% of your time researching keywords using
Google keyword tool and phrases that people search for.

Search is the Biggest Game in town

- 15 billion searches are done everyday.

Find out the phrases and write relevant content.

-Write High Quality Content based on the search words of users
 and get a high ranking with search engines.

- Use analytical tools to monitor and track results.

-Publish remarkable content with "free" solutions to y
our visitors problems.

- Publish an incredible high volume of quality content, at least
4 articles a week targeting a specific audience or group.  

A  good quality article should produce about 500 monthly page
views with average reading time of 2*4 minutes.  

Get in Sync with Search Engines- Keyword Research is the key

- High  volume articles with SEO and keyword phrases in title,
meta tags, description, body of content, and domain name.

- Web traffic increases:  for every 30 articles 15,000 monthly page
views are generated;  unique visitors traffic increases to 180,000
by the end of the first year.

-  SEO becomes main driver of traffic because  of High Content
and effective Keyword Research.

-Quality content creates authority links from outside websites
and contributes to page ranking and continues to drive traffic.

-Follow Me Twitter Buttons on every content page to promote
headlines on Social media drive traffic back to web site.

- Share with friend buttons on every content page.

-Use a 24 hour hotline number pre-recorded message to
promote and brand website and content.

- Engage readers with comment section and social
media discussion.

-Promote Content Headlines on social media sites and drive
 traffic back to main hub. (website)

- Offer a mass amount of free information, solutions courses,
e-books, how to videos, and courses.

Website Traffic Doubles, Triples, and Quadtrupals 

-Page views increase steadily with each new article.

-Average time of site per visitor increases to 4 minutes or more.

-Use  Tweet Adder  robotic software to build your Twitter
community to 100,000.  

-Use Tweet Adder to send automatic headlines about articles
with links back to your central hub (website)  See related articles

- SEO traffic is primary traffic and Social Media becomes secondary source.

- Brand yourself or website with videos.

- Build a relationship of trust   

-Make 90% of products and services you offer "free."

- Find affiliate products or services that relate to your articles.

-Visitors will reciprocate with purchases through affiliate links.  s

- On-line income increases to $2,000 a month in a year.

Website sells for $200,000; 100 times monthly revenue

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M. Le'Mont is a writer, and network marketer, Internet strategist., and  IBO of 14 websites.
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