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By M. Le'Mont 

Should you  seek approval from your spouse before writing a book about your ex-wife or ex-husband?  Or should you just write it and be damned? 

Now before you answer, in all fairness, you should watch the trailer and read the scene below to give an honest opinion.  Two  minute trailer:  M LeMont Caught Up What's Done In The Dark Comes To Light   Available on Amazon

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Warning: The language in this book may be offensive to some readers. Nevertheless, it's the true thoughts and feelings of the author as the events occurred. 

I was sitting in the airport when my ex-girlfriend, Morgan Johnson called. She just got the news that Veronica left me.  

Morgan said, "Do you want to talk about it?"  

I hesitated, "No, it's too painful."  

"Then write about it," she said.  

I said, "Write about it?"  

She said, "Yes. Write it down.  Write it down on paper.  
You'll look back on it one day, and laugh about it."  

So I did just that, 730 days of it but I'm still not laughing.

The Headlines Read:


We were watching the game over to JP's house.  Veronica, my wife of 10 years was sitting on my lap kissing and telling me how much she loves me. Two months later she left me.  This is the true story; uncut and raw-- how it all happened.  


We had an argument over something trivial but it led to some major. These days it doesn't take much for an argument to break out.  

Was there something deeper brewing beneath the surface that I didn't know about.  I use to brag to my friends, "Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got."  I didn't have to worry about her... or so I thought.

We went to Nicole Smith's birthday party, my ex girlfriend.   Once a year she throws a big shindig to celebrate.  Her husband was injured working on an oil rig when it exploded.  He won a huge lawsuit.   Nicole drives a Bentley and lives on a big ranch outside of H Town.  She sends out twenty invitations to her closest friends.  When the word gets around, everyone in H Town shows up.  I was one of the privileged that got a special invite. Everyone came uninvited to do just one thing - party all night; live music, food, drinks, entertainment.    

Nicole was late as usual. I think if possible, she would be late to her own funeral.
 When she finally arrived, she made a grand entrance riding a two-tone, black and blonde Budweiser Clydesdale horse and dressed like a queen.  She was a model, 5'10, long black hair, and pretty blue eyes.

Later, this party would prove to be brutal to my marriage.   What happened at the party that night, set off a series of events that changed my life forever. 

Sometime later.....

Veronica screamed,
"I'm not happy.  M. Le'Mont you're all about business and making money."  

I'm listening, focused on every word she's saying. 

She continued, "We do the same things every day- no excitement, no fun; you don't treat me special."  


Whenever, your wife tells you some shit like that, it means she's comparing you to another man, who's knocking on the door!  
I'm not stupid.  I know the game.

"Whisper Softly In Their Ear, How Does It Feel When Your Man Doesn't Treat You Right? Does He Make Love To You Like This?"

She continued,
"Next week, I'm going to find an apartment and give you some space and move to Georgia in September."

In a state of shock,
I said, "What?  Are you serious?"

She said, "Yes, I am."

I said, "I can make it better."

"No, you can't," she hollered, "You're so used to fixing things, but you can't fix this. It's too late." 

I had a week to get myself together. Things were about to change dramatically.  
I  rolled events of the last 90 days back in my mind to see what caused her to feel this way.  I began to notice everything--how she dressed--how she wore her hair--and oh yes, how we made love.

Why couldn't she be woman enough and tell me the truth? Yes! I'm cheating on you.

Two  minute trailer:  M LeMont Caught Up What's Done In The Dark Comes To Light 
 Available on Amazon

What would you do if you caught your spouse cheating on you?

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Reviewer- 11
 FIVE STARS- "All I can say is WOW! This book is SCANDALOUS to say the least! A MUST READ!"      


Amanda ‏said, @MisterSalesman @TheKindleWhispe as the Duke of Wellington said, "Publish and be Damned!"

   Thanks Amanda... I love the quote. I will add it to my arsenal and suffer the consequences.


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