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Safety in Numbers, And the Law Of Averages & The Magic of Working Part-time ~Jim Rohn

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by M LeMont

Two philosophies that I learned in the early part of my career, was the magic of working part-time and how to use the law of averages to my advantage. Both are an excellent idea; since most people will build a social media platform part-time and through the law of averages, an average person can achieve extra ordinary results. 

As Jim Rohn said "If you do something often enough a ratio appears." Then you must learn how use the ratio to your advantage. In the early days of building your Twitter platform, you can't afford to get discouraged by the results.  The law of averages is the bridge to keep you walking on in confidence. And once you master the art of SINALOA, it pays rich dividends. 

It's so important that I want you to watch a video by Jim Rohn. (Start at 18:42. 28:13)  I'll wait here. 


The Magic of Working Part-Time


The Law of Averages

 In baseball, it's called a batting average and in basketball a shooting percentage.  It's also used by professional gamblers and businesses all around the world to gain a competitive edge. What you lack in knowledge and know-how, you can make it up with the law of averages.

Once you know the numbers (ratios) you're off to the races.  All you have to do then is focus on the activity and not the results.  

You don't have to bat a 1000% to win; you don't have to close every sale or recruit every person either. You just have to know the numbers and let the law of averages work for you.

If you work the system, the system will work for you. Every person who unfollows becomes trivial. You don't need to know why because it's all baked in the numbers.

Every troll or negative comment you encounter is a mere remark blowing in the wind.  It really doesn't matter; it's all baked in the numbers.

It doesn't matter what the outcome is; a certain percentage is supposed to do whatever they do. So the bigger the platform, the more sorting back and forth goes on; the more fans, and more sales you gain.

The Law of Averages doesn't care about your ability; it simply works with whatever it has to work with.

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From Dori Anne ‏@DoriCreates  June 4
.@MisterSalesman Am now at 48,500 followers. Thanks to your encouragement and book!! The 1 on 1 consultation was an enormous help.


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