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Increase your Web Traffic - How to make doodle videos


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Increase your Web Traffic - How to make doodle videos

Doodle videos are an entertaining way of attracting
visitors to your site.  

The video shows shortcuts to drawing cartoons 
and sketches without having any artistic skills. 

I'm sure you've seen a video of an animated drawing
on a white board and wondered how can you draw
something on the
screen faster than you speak.    

Well, it's a computer 
program that allows you to sketch
while you're talking on the video and then speed up the

This is a cool way to brand your website and turn ordinary
content into something remarkable. 
Entertain with creative videos featuring stop motion animation,
time lapse effects, and
astonishing graphic.

If you are using Word Press then you should buy the new product
called Impression offered on the video.  

It is a great product and works quite well.

For non Word Press users,  I found the Wacom Bamboo Tablet
can turn your desktop into a white drawing board.
However, you will also need Camtasia Instant Recording software
that instantly records anything on your desktop.

You can get a free trial of Camtasia.  Download free Trial.  

Watch the video for shortcuts on making animated videos and for
the introduction of a new product called Impression for WordPress at
Start optimizing search engine results and converting leads into sales with
animated videos today. 

Many thanks to Ansel Gough, SmartDigitalAssets.com  for showing us how to make a doodle video without being an artist.

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