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Results live in future

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Results Live In the Future & You Live In The Present, So Why Are You Worrying About Results?  


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 by M. Le'Mont

Yea, you heard it right.  You have no control over results.  They live in the future and you live in the present. Let's make it perfectly clear, if you can't see what's around the corner, then it's the future and you can't mess with it.

How can you control something you can't see?

It's  our ego that makes us think that we could plan, control, and make something happen.  
You can't work hard enough, or plan hard enough, to rush results.  They come when you least expect them, but their always right on time.  

I don't care what you've learned from self help books  about attaining goals--you have no control over results.  The only thing you can do is dig in and give it all you got-- focus on not quitting no matter what.  Successful authors are those who didn't give up. 
  When you focus on the results it kills your enthusiasm and squashes whatever you set out to accomplish.  

Are we there yet?  

How discouraging is it to hear your child ask every second, a  thousand times-- Mommy, are we there yet? (the future)   

How about someone that ask, "How many books have you sold?  Or better yet, how much money have you made?"     The worse thing you can do is to answer that question for the moron that asked it.  

If you told them the truth--"I don't control the future it's out of my hands."

It would be totally unacceptable. 

The likely reply,  "Then what are you doing it for?" 

"Success requires no explanation and failure permits no alibis." - It requires working your ass off, sacrifice, and dedication for something you have no control over- results.  

If everybody knew the exact date and time it takes to accomplish a goal, then everybody would be successful.  The reward comes to those that can endure without worrying about the results.    

From Wall Street to Mainstream America, people are
to make some fast money or instant results without having to pay the price.

Everyone wants instant success...overnight  results... I want to get rich now.

It reminds me of the famous catch phrase in the movie Jerry McGuire, when one of his star players told Jerry, a sport agent to repeat after him,  


But the results never come in the beginning.  

The money comes at the end of a lot of hard work, pain, dedication, commitment, and sacrifice, which most people are not willing to do. 

People join a weight loss program, and after a week if they don't see instant results they quit.  

Join a Network marketing company if you don't see results in 30 days you quit before giving it a chance.  Results come at the end of the journey not at the beginning.

The journey may be a thousand miles, but it begins with the first step and every step after that.  Most people try to put the carriage before the horse.

The results will come if you create the activity compounded over time.

Take a small step every day to create the activity.  Did you take action today towards attaining your goal?  If not, then how can you look for results?  It's the activity that drives the results, not the results that drive the activity.

Show me the money philosophy is why 99% of the time goal setting doesn't work.  And that's why 1% of the people control 99% of the wealth.

"You thought it was going to be easy Ed Harley...nice...
and fast, 
everything just perfect." - The Movie, Pumpkin Head

It takes real commitment to get what you want. Allow "time" to be your friend. Stop looking for instant results.

Results live in the future and you live in the present.

Create the activity every day that will bring the results at the end of the journey.  Whatever the results-- just know you gave it your best.

Show...Me...The...Money is a philosophy that will show nuff burn you out!

The RESULTS come last.

Until that day...Make every day count!

Is this contrary to what you've been taught about goal setting?  Please make comments on Twitter @MisterSalesman

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