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Referrals for Profit



                    Referrals for Profit - Refer a Friend and Get Paid


     "Late nights texts, phone calls, out with girlfriends--- 
all a lie... I just knew it.
 M Le'Mont   The Point of No Return      

By M. Le'Mont

So why shouldn't you get paid for referring
your friend to your favorite 
restaurant or movie?

In the past, you've
 given your recommendations
away free, 
but now you can build a business  
that generate referrals for profit.

It's a modern day digital S&H Green Stamps, but 
instead of collecting stamps you earn money
for shopping and referring people.  

Money on Money
You Already Spend

Most national stores have a Rewards program that gives you
cash back, but none have a  program where you
can make residual income from the purchases of
people you refer in 46 countries.

Imagine getting a piece of every spending
transaction in the world that's done through
the system.

Would something like that be worthy of your time to 
watch a 2 minute video?   Click Here

                          Economic Explosion

Now when customers and the general public
both are monetarily compensated for their
recommendations, y
ou get an economic explosion,  
that stimulates the economy and increases commerce.

Did you buy something yesterday?

What about today?

And will you buy something tomorrow?

What an ingenious idea.








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