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Referral Directory

 Big Company Money Referral Programs 

Disclaimer: The information provided  is not guaranteed to be accurate; at various times a company may alter, change, or discontinue their referral program.  So please  refer directly to the individual web sites for the most updated information.

This list was compiled and all website links validated as 03/09/12.


                                          Referral Directory

The Ultimate Referral Program
Make Money on Money
You Already Spend!
Loyalty Program 42 countries

Home Essential Services 


Merchant Services

MatchRate Plus: Referral Fee: 5-17% residual  of monthly transactions
and  $50 acquisition bonus per account
Provider of credit card processing services

Pay Pal Credit card processor
Referral Fee: up to $1,000

Merchant Equipment Store- credit card processing
Referral Fee: $100

Okay Pay
Referral Fee: Residual up to 25% of transactions
Prepaid Debit Cards

Business Communication Services

8x8,Inc. Referral Fee: average $500
Provider:  VoIP and Business Communication Services

Employment Services

EF Tours
Referral Fees: $500

Whitridge Associates,Inc.
Referral Fee; $1,000
Contract Permanent Job Placement Solutions

Trinet: Referral Fee up to $5,000
HR Outsourcing

Buisness Software

Referral Fee; 10% of engagement, automated business software
100,000 x 10%=10,000

Referral Fee; Residual Income 20% of net profit National registered agents for corporations

Referral: Fee 10% of deal; provider of email managed archive solutions

HR Fuzion
Referral Fee: paid on first year billed revenues. Human Resources
$20,000=10% net revenue
$20,001=15% net revenue

$40,000= 20% net revenue

Referral Fee up to $10,000 IT EHR Solutions for Medical Practices

Expert Computer Solutions  Expert Computer Solutions
Referral Fee: half if clients contract. $4,000=referral fee $2,000

RSA Corp, It Solutions
Refferal Fee: $1,000

Stemp Systems, IT Solutions
Referral Fee:  $500 and $25 for each referral that makes an appontment

TAOS, It Consultants
Referral Fee: $1,000-2,000

Massey Consulting Business Financial Software
Referral Fee: $500 

Advance IT.net Enterprise Solutions
Referral Fee: $450
Terra Information Group 
Referral Fee: 40% of earnings of client referred placed on project 


Foreign Tranlations, Inc. Provider of Foreign Language Translations
Referral Fee: 10%of gross revenue of project
C Loans- Commercial Mortgage loans
Referral fee: 20% of loan

Just Military Loans
Referral Fee: $25

Vance Group- Mergers and Acquisitions 
Reerral Fee $100

Laser Eye Surgery Companies

Viso Lasik
Refferral Fee: $200

Visolaskik- eye surgery
Referral Fee: $200

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